To Discover Yourself….

Whenever I get even slightly confused about ‘who’ I am, or ‘why’ I’m here, or ‘what should I be doing while everyone is in the sun outdoors and I can’t bear to even contemplate joining them’? and and and….my mind is akin to a roller coaster, only, it’s filled with a million thoughts, from the weird, to the sublime to, well I don’t think ridiculous. The only way to shut my mind up, is to meditate.

So, while lying in bed, as sleep continued to evade me, meditation done,  I closed my eyes and envisioned the following – come, take a journey with me –

night sky

The night skies. The most unbelievably full massive sky filled with millions of shining stars. In my minds eye, from left to right; up to down, only this intense night sky so full of stars, that there were no spaces inbetween them existed and nothing else.

The sky was not flat, like if you gaze up at the stars at night, you see a flat looking sky with stars. No, the sky curved with the Earth. Incredible doesn’t describe it.

Then, while drinking in this breathtaking life, I imagined that what I was looking at, was reflected back at me.  I know that when ‘we’ see a star, it’s already dead (as science depicts), but they’re so alive when we see them, and that’s all that matters to me.

I’m a strong believer in what the Native Americans believe, as well as being a Spiritual Being (not religious), and so the thought crossed my mind; what if?

What if everything we see, we truly are a part of? What if, the stars are looking back at us, seeing the same thing we are? We know that plants hurt, as well as grow when spoken or sang to, so there is a definite ‘feeling’ life to plants, and, as any good Native American will attest to; everything on this Planet is alive, even the rocks. They too have a story. When trees are cut down I personally feel pain, like a knife through my heart. Almost as though a piece of me is being murdered. The trees are our lungs. Water makes up 70% of our bodies. So it’s pretty obvious that we are the water.  We are all ONE. We do not exist alone. It’s not ‘them’ and ‘us’.

And as my mind fixated on the extraordinary stars shining happily in the skies; Some huddled together, others looking on….I saw a falling star, and my heart skipped a beat; because I knew, just as we do, that falling star had lived it’s time in that space and simply disappeared into the ever after.  Magnificently, gracefully, without complaint.

Who knows where that falling star went? Who knows where we go?

Are we not all the same? Methinks so!

Into the great beyond to which there is no end.





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