Why do you blog?

So here I was, or am, trying to fix my computer, getting annoyed, coz I don’t get it, and then I wondered why do I blog?

I go through SO many of your blogs and seriously, most of them are awesome. I have my favourite bloggers, as you do yours, and that’s cool. We can’t all agree or ‘like’ what everyone blogs about. We’re all unique and have our own individual ideas on so many topics, let’s not even start on them!

So, I’ve been away for about 3 weeks. In between that time, I managed to push out a blog on ‘Pronouns for people‘…seems some people were a wee bit upset. But see….WHY do we blog? Is blogging not another form of ‘freedom of speech, as well as entertaining reading and newsy?

Not only do I have absolutely NO criticism for anyone who wants to be referred to as ‘twospirit’, or ‘gender neutral’ or whatever, I just personally feel, that it’s my right to blog about this, because it MATTERS in the bigger picture.

Why? well, if I want to be known as ‘gender neutral’ for e.g., or as ‘twospirit’, or whatever other of the 27 odd names various genders wish to be ‘known’ or ‘called’, for e.g. you must refer to a gender neutral as ‘They’. Not Ms, not Mrs, not Mz, not Maam, not Sir, not Mr., not Zir, not gentleman, no…you must refer to them as ‘THEY’. So, that’s all very good and whatever makes anyone happy, but here’s my problem with this crap. And I call it crap, because, although I honestly have no problem with who has what partner, or who has a sex change as I know that the chromosomes can get mixed up, and some kids are basically born with genitals that are foreign to them. This is no fault of theirs, and in that event, surgery could be needed to fix what nature has stuffed up it would seem!

I love homosexuals. I say this, because many are friends of mine. They’re brilliant shoppers, have impeccable taste, eat the most fab food and always know where to go out.  One of my Gay friends, who wears iron corsets when he goes out, and tape (I kid you not, you can buy it on the web), to tape back his chin and face, to get that ‘no wrinkle’ look, which he covers with his wig, is utterly and completely hysterically funny, and possibly the kindest most gentle person I know. I love him to bits, especially when he helps me with my makeup. 🙂 and this particular friend, takes the piss out of these Pronouns radically so! So with the garbage about me being ‘critical’ of people who are Gay out of the way, let me explain WHY I wrote that article (not only for education purposes)….and why I’d write it again if need be..

In the bigger picture here, we have a world that is slowly but surely turning on it’s head. When a mentally ill person is thrown in jail for committing an act which they didn’t intend doing, and only committed such act or crime, due to being mentally ill, you have to know that the system is dismally failing them. When it becomes a CRIME that brings a jail sentence to those of us, who simply dare use the wrong pronoun on a person who is of a different sexual persuasion other than just ‘man or woman’, and yet the mentally ill, are just discarded and sent to jail, but no jail for those who abuse them, then you gotta know, something is seriously messed up!

As we entered the computer age, our world changed dramatically. Suddenly, we no longer use pen and paper to write a letter and post it. We email. Much easier and quicker and one also knows it won’t get ‘lost in the mail’…we also have so much information available to us, that previously we didn’t. Or, if we were studying medicine for e.g we’d have to spend hours in a library going through journals for our assignments and so on. I love libraries by the way. There’s something about books, that’s just gorgeous! The turning of the pages, the smell, all of it.

Anyhow, so we have the computer age, which is cool, except it allows stalkers and pedophiles easier access to our kids, but that aside it works, like with blogging!

But we’ve taken it a step further I believe. Into the stage of total stupidness, madness even. We were told we have ‘freedom of speech’, but we don’t. When the US President decides to implement a change in anyway, he goes and does it. Whether the people like it or not. I guarantee you, that if Donald Trump referred to ‘twospirit’ as a Mr. or Mrs., he’d not only get away with it, but he’d laugh if he’s wrong! And the populas accept this. Well, they have no choice really.

So what rings true, lawful and a necessity for the ‘common’ man and woman or…(oh God, ‘THEY’ ) – why must this be so complicated?? doesn’t ring true for anyone who is in office or power. In fact, anyone who has money, will simply walk out the courtroom, should that person insult another person by using the wrong Pronoun. It has nothing to do with ‘accepting, or agreeing, or giving a blessing’ or any other such rubbish to anyone who is different. We’re all who and what we are. We accept and respect each other for what and who we are hopefully. I’m mentally ill! Who gives a shit? Seriously. Should we, as mentally ill people now demand to be addressed in a more ‘gentle’ fitting way? Let’s look for ways we could demand to addressed by; This is how people who suffer various mental illnesses are referred to as;

idioticstupidsillysenselessnonsensicalpointlessabsurdridiculousludicrousfarcicallaughablepreposterousweirdbizarrefatuousinane, imbecilic, moronicasininemindlesshare-brainedhalf-bakedill-conceived;

informal pottycrazymad, off beam, way out, full of holes, cock-eyed;
informal daftbarmy
“he made an insane suggestion”
So HOW is this acceptable? No jail sentence if you refer to someone who is ILL and didn’t opt to be ILL, any of these names.
So how about choosing some other ‘names’ or Pronouns for us. We do have that right no?


A psychotic –   temporarily busy

A Scizophrenic –   few minds

A person with Bipolar – updown

A person with DID – manyminds

A person with PTSD – fuckyou

A Borderline – freespirit or fuckyou, depending on who chooses what Pronoun.

A depressive – slowdeath

and so many more….WHY not?

And let’s take it a step further…

What will happen, if law is passed (and no doubt it will be with the way things are), if a normal Male, decides he wants a donkey’s dick to be transplanted onto him, replacing his penis? What if this is allowed? What if some people decide they want to be ‘half person/half animal? Science can sort this out I’m sure, so it’s probably more than possible, so when do we say ENOUGH of this bullshit already!

Should we just accept the continuous, stupid, unnecessary madness and pettiness that’s going on? Seriously, what are kids growing up to believe in? If a young girl at the age of 16, decides she wants to be a boy, only because boys or males have a better chance in the workplace, and she’s granted this operation, (not for her real reasons, she’ll invent one to convince the doctors), and then, when she’s actually grown up, she cannot change what she’s done, and is mortified at what’s happened to her, what then happens to the child?

Currently, there is a college in America, who COVERS it’s Students insurance to INCLUDE cosmetic surgery, or body changing surgery. They are fully covered by this insurance and yet, ask any psychiatrist, and he or she or they will tell you, that no one is actually able to make a concrete rational decision on their lives, until they reach the age of 25. Scientific fact.

I blog for many different reasons, the most important one being, that I like to tell stories that are either true, or funny. I like to read some blogs of people that entertain me, or inspire me. I also sometimes like to inspire if I can, but by God,

IF a topic of absolute crap comes out the woodwork, while children are being raped, assaulted, bombed, Mothers killed, men paralyzed by war,  domestic violence out of control etc etc…then I speak up! That’s how it is. Like it or not. I’m always honest.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate any comments.

Please check out my YouTube channel dealing with mental illness: BORDERLINE.

Chow for now peeps, They, Mr, Mrs, Ms, Mz, Mr, Sir, Zir, Maam, Madam, Boss, (sorry if I’ve left one out). I didn’t learn this in English. but hey I’m trying!!






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