Do the Drugs Work?

There’s that beautiful song – The drugs don’t work (posted below), by The Verve, which resonates with me. Why? Because my constant struggle with myself, as to whether to stop all psyche medication, since I’ve convinced myself that it’s destroying my body and possibly brain, never seems to end.

So I listen to this song, over and over again, and feel as though he’s talking to me! But ‘what’ drugs don’t work? Obviously, he’s referring to hard core drugs right?

I tried to stop all psyche meds a few times, and ‘holy sheeit’!! people ran for the hills, due my uncontrolled behaviour, which I haven’t a clue is happening until after the fact. Such is this horrific virus we, who have it, carry without a break.

So wondering whether ‘the drugs don’t work’, and agonising over it, I found a few reasons to stop worrying so much. Perhaps even stop giving a shit. And here’s why;

  • We are all dying, whether we eat healthily, do lots of exercise, and totally abstain from anything and everything that could be enjoyed. i.e. a glass of wine. To stop taking psyche meds that actually stop one behaving like a lunatic, for health reasons, is in itself a stupid, insane idea.
  • We’ll feel pretty stupid on our death beds, wondering WHY we didn’t eat the chocolate, or take the meds, which if we didn’t take, will make any loved ones who should be at our bedside, non existent. Having run away long ago.
  • To cling to life, is to lose it (can’t remember who said this). But it’s truth.
  • I was told by my Guru, that we are not our body/minds. We are not Human Beings, we are Spiritual Beings here in the human form. So if the body needs medication, take it and forget about it. It cannot harm WHO you are. I.e. A Supreme Being. Not a ‘person’. (sounds crazy, but it’ll change your entire outlook when you understand it)
  • I learnt a harsh lesson when I stopped my meds, as my crazy mind decided I didn’t need them, and almost destroyed my family. Never again thanks.
  • Death is not the end. It’s just the beginning.
  • I’d rather my brain function somewhat okay, if not totally ‘normal’, coz I wouldn’t want to be a ‘normal’ person anyway, but just function without bitch slapping the shopkeeper who starts chatting with her friend, while she’s adding up my groceries.
  • Being mentally ill, in whatever form you have it, and there are many on the spectrum, is a life long sentence of pain. So if there’s meds to alleviate some of that pain, hey, I take ’em!
  • I cannot understand people who opt to live in pain, rather than take medication. Pain destroys not only your moods, but our lives too. Why suffer it?

Anyhow, I guess there’s a lot more reasons to take the psyche meds if you’re stricken with a broken brain, which I haven’t listed here, but just know people, that the meds you are on, for whatever condition you have, are in fact helping. I’m not an advocate of strong drugs at all, but I know when I’m beat. And being mentally ill, means being beat.

Albeit I follow a Spiritual Path, meditate, sit in silence and ‘drop’ the mind as much as I can, it’s painfully obvious, that nothing will actually mend my broken brain. So make peace with yourself and IT. Whatever it is. We’re all on our way out.

It’s just the timing is different. 🙂

Please check out my youtube Channel, called ‘BIPOLARLINE‘  where I talk about mental illness, as a fellow sufferer, and also, check out my ‘cloud hopping’ technique I’ve developed for Bipolar and Borderline sufferers. It can be used for anyone actually, and it works! yay!!

Thanks for reading, I look forward to your comments and appreciate you all!

Big love x x x


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