The Kingdom of Us.

I watched an incredible movie/documentary, about a woman who has 7 kids, all autistic, some of whom also suffered with dyslexia.

Not only was this documentary real, honest and raw, as the director spent 3 years filming the family every day, as they continued with their lives. Brilliantly edited,  an undisputeably mind blowing documentary/film, is the only way I can describe this one.

It shows the reality of mental illness, in another of it’s forms. Autism. I don’t want to spoil it for you, should you watch it, but I highly recommend you watch this documentary/film. So why am I talking about this?

It further confirmed my belief that we do not have to be broken by our circumstances,  past, or even present. (In part). It also clearly shows the different behaviors of people who suffer different types of mental illness. Not all mentally ill sufferers have the same stuff to deal with.

In saying that however, having certain types of mental illness takes one’s rights away. That basic human right to just be somewhat ‘normal’. No one knows what ‘normal’ is, but I like to see it, as simply having the ability, or is it a blessing? to be somewhat happy. Not having to take medication to alter one’s state of mind in order to conform with society,  not being sweetly advised to ‘take a walk, you’ll feel better’, by the ignorance of the majority of the population, many of whom still view mental illness as a ‘pity card’!   but rather, be loved and understood.

If those who suffer any sort of mental illness are to be a tad happy, it’s a harsh fact that acceptance of the ignorance of the population at large, is a given.

This documentary/film, showed me just how successfully people who are ‘neurologically compromised’ (new PC term I made up) – can in fact excel, be happy, cope, and most of all, not destroy each other.

Unless there’s been sexual abuse.

See, this family are happy, even though there exists a degree of mental illness within all of them. The difference is, the children were never abused. At least not sexually.

Abused children grow up without a choice. Their choice was taken away when they were abused. Their basic human rights do not exist. Only because, as adults, they cannot function in any type of normal way, are plagued with nightmares, and have to ingest medication to alter their state of reality every single day until they die.

I guess what really rang a bell in my head, when watching this movie is that; not every form of mental illness destroys one’s life.

Depending on why someone is mentally ill, or neurologically compromised, will determine whether their ability to remain happy is possible. With or without medication.

Being a mental health advocate; this amazing true story, instilled a strong sense of hope in me for those who suffer certain types of mental illness. 

I was always under the impression and the belief, that if a person was diagnosed with a mental illness, that’s it. Life screwed. But it’s not so, so it would seem.

This is a beautiful reality, which means some people who suffer from certain forms of mental illness, still have their human rights, and will or can in fact, appreciate the roses.





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