The Joke

The innate feelings of inadequacy surround us all however they are not all consuming for everyone. For most they relent in the struggle of regret and function on throughout society or at least present themselves in a manner of normalcy. These are the individuals who hide their void and run the maze of life. They maintain themselves and perhaps flaunt themselves to escape shame. Non the less their pedi stool is rather high. Thinking the laugh is coming from the business casual, mani pedi, hold my calls for me type. The higher the nose points in the air the smaller the range of vision becomes.
Those who cannot and will not let their fear of inadequate adjustment to the situations surrounding their heart and head often falter. They may be exceptional in their capabilities but this only drills the void deeper, reluctant to speak of the inability to be comfortable within the disposable culture. The formula for survival in the compounds of labels and stereotypes, drug inflicted, violence prone, disturbed, demonizing, sexually perverse, self pitying, all encompassing apathy that current culture is derived. 
The joke is on them. On me. Maybe you. Those who cannot fill the void with falsities are often deemed the fallen, welfare, beggars on the street. But this is the joke. Often they, we, us keep to ourselves to fill the void with something other than the perpetual Monday through Friday, cheat on Saturday, forgot to pick up the kidsI never wanted anyway. No the joke is we don’t have the option to be so self concerned we do not lack virtue. 
We sit idly by and watch the grass grow greener on the other side. Staying locked in the knowledge of true sacrifice. Conformity is easy. Self realization is brutality. The void is omnipresent but it comes with unique perspective the joke is always ironic.
-J.F original October 1, 2017


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