Woke up at 2am – Insights

It was the flat air mattress… 3 hours before I actually needed to wake up.  Oh well, I guess I’ll write some Shit.

I actually like being up at this time If I plan for it.  I guess I’m learning to be a bit more adaptable now…

As long as I don’t get eaten by a bear or bit by a rattlesnake, it’ll be a good idea. I’m camping out at Dayton state park outside of Carson City.  It’s pretty cold but nice and peaceful.

I’ve got work in about three hours and it’ll be some random temp work until I start my normal job again.  I missed the last few days of checking out work in Carson so today’s a little more important to wake up for…

Pretty soon I’ll be in some motel, probably by next week… somewhat back to civilization again.  Internet, showers, refrigerator, tv… mhmm.

Living on the fringes can be pretty fun, although, one risks a lot if something bad happens.  Luckily I’ve been doing it for a while so things have been pretty smooth.  July 1 – September(a week from now) will cap my camping experience.

We helped out a couple and their baby recently who were living in their car that was about to die out on them; now they’re a part of our group/camp. They turned out to be cool people, I hope things work out for the future when we make our next move.

It’s 15 dollars a night to do this so it’s been reasonable while travelling and in between being able to want to pay for an extended stay somewhere.

If everything works out perfectly, it’ll be a house, not a motel.  Two new vehicles, good pay/overtime, and I’ll have everything I was missing for the past few years.

I’ve got everything else I really want/need…

I’m left wondering what today’s work will be like.  I’ve done so many shitty jobs that today should be a cake walk. As long as I’m getting over 12 an hour doing it, I don’t mind the temp b.s.  I meet a lot of interesting people and employers doing it; I’ve made a few friends along the way too.

One of the gigs that I first got on with was working at this ranch for 15 an hour.  I got to work as long as I wanted, got free subway or pizza, was setting up mats and levelling ground in a stable, and the people were really friendly. Now, every weekend we go there to work(even when we have full-time work).

I hope Carson City has some cool people to work for around here, and that I land those ones the first time through.  My phones about to die so I’d better wrap up this early morning, pointless post.

I wanted to be funny in this one but I’m too tired and it’s not coming easily.  So I’ll end it by telling you a joke:

What’s the difference between a Jew and a pizza?

Pizzas don’t scream when they’re in the oven.

There, that compensates for the humor void earlier.

Have a good day ppl


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