Conceptually, why StreetPsych will live on…

I forget what a great outlet writing is on the REG; it’s importance to me is continuously growing.  I recall also that we serve as an outlet for others to guest write through and we have a tremendous group of regulars that are now, or have been doing well through their own outlets.  I want 1000 more writers though, so for now I have too much work to leave undone.

giphy (44)

StreetPsych is a hub for ideas; so in some ways it could be a new age magazine or newspaper.  I always wanted to grow things to a bigger point before I legitimized the site as a type of online magazine, having my writers rewarded for their efforts.  I don’t reap any benefits yet as I’ve only done this for 6 months with 3 off because of my extended roadtrip…

(The way things were going, I was edging around 10k views a month and growing exponentially; hell of a time to take off but I didn’t have a choice…)

giphy (45).gif

I guess even if I didn’t see the success I was starting to get a taste of, I’d still be on here ranting about whatever random thoughts popped to mind that seemed important enough to write down or expound upon.  Writing(which to me was first realized and summed up on it’s importance here on StreetPsych) seemed to be something that people really care about; which I’m glad to hear about.  It’s one of those subjects that seem to have endless possibilities and content for me and I’m sure the authors here feel the same way…

giphy (46).gif

So, here’s where I extend out our offer again to all of you: put your ideas in a place that is meant for your unique opinions.  Help build this community which has limitless possibilities.  Check out Register and let your needed voice be heard.  No matter how much you think nobody gives a shit about your opinion, its a fact that somebody, somewhere will benefit in the least(and usually its something that’s pretty untrue if that’s the way you think already…)


Help us help the world spark new ideas…


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