What’s in Store for StreetPsychiatry.com’s future..?

The last couple of months have made it very difficult to even access the internet as I’ve personally moved from Las Vegas to Reno in an RV where I rely on public wifi and the access of available plugs for my laptop.  I could always type up stuff on my phone but that comes with plenty of mistakes and a limitation on the formatting I like to do.  So finally, I’ve come into a rhythm of making time to access the net and post like I normally would between work and other people’s schedules…

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Now I’m back for a revitalization of StreetPsych.  Beforehand, I planned on branching off from our Community Outreach Program into StreetPsychiatry.org.  The .org father site would include the blog and serve as a link between resources, mental health professionals, and those in need of diagnosis, treatment, or improvement of their situations.  I realized that I just didn’t have the time to launch this until I could take a few months off to work on things without a job hindering my ability to advise and kick things off in the beginning.

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This roadblock left me questioning what I would do with the blog now and what directions to take in the intermediary… I’m still figuring part of that out.  A few things I know will happen:

1.)  We will start having contests for weekly submissions and monthly submissions.

2.)  I will personally do everything in my power to build StreetPsych into a staple on the net.  This includes taking a lot more time again in posting and all the good stuff that goes into the health of a website.

3.)  StreetSchwag will become a “thing”.

4.)  Consultations

5.)  The creation of the final look and setup of the websites maximum limitations.

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So when will all of this good stuff start happening?  I can’t be too sure yet as I’m taking a trip back to Las Vegas this weekend and I’ll be working all week until then.  Buuuuuut, I will be on here more often to update and see everything through.  Hopefully I’ll have time to detail things out completely every 2-4 days and I’m hoping to get as much feedback as possible along the way.  HELPS!


So, what do you all think of some of these plans?  I’m wondering what sort of prizes would be appreciated, what the required minimum amount of submissions should be, and the feasibility of consulting with our team…  I wonder if we need more time to build up our reputation… and how soon i could get a business account so I can stick disqus on here.  Damn, I really wish premium would allow for disqus!

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Well, hope all is well on your ends and catch you again in a few days.  I’ll come up with some good gifts to let you know we’re glad to have all of you as a part of StreetPsych… spread the good word and such.

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