Live and let Die.


2 days ago, my beloved Sister finally passed away, after battling to survive cancer for 2 years. She was 61 years of age, and before they found cancer in her breast, which signaled the beginning of the end, she was fit, healthy and strong. I loved her with all of my Being, but never got to her before she passed.

She had dedicated her entire life to ‘The Lord’. She worshiped a God that she had unwavering faith and trust in, and whom she loved with her heart and Soul. She used to go into the areas where people who are displaced lived in poverty, and make jams for them, not being able to give them money, as part of her belief, following the Bible’s talk, was to live ‘simply’. Like there was some glory in serving ‘God’ in poverty.

She dressed so modestly, she never ever even wore a…

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4 thoughts on “Live and let Die.

  1. Stroke of insight is the best ted talk ever and the first one I got to watch. You honor your sister by posting and remembering her for her positive life. I’m at a crossroads whether or not to end my trip and go where I need to be at. I think your words were just what I needed to hear this morning


    1. Thanks Mike. Please, go where you want or need to be. Life clearly is not ours for deciding on longevity. Both stories are 100% true. I’m glad my post came through when it did. If it helped you to take a turn for LIFE, then YAY!!! GO for it x

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