A new World

So I’m writing on my iPad which I hate, but have no choice right now. Please excuse any mistakes or spelling errors.

our world consists of an intricate, perfectly balanced ecosystem. Everything, including cockroaches play a massive role in keeping the balance just right, and along with that, we are all interconnected, in order to keep the planet and everything on it, alive.

The trees give not only humans but every other species, oxygen, or we’d all die. Our fresh water streams are now far and few between, but those that flow unpolluted, provide us humans including everything else on the planet with life, or we’d all die. If the water doesn’t feed the tree, the tree will die, along with the rest of them, and that’s it. Planets occupants gone. Oh we do get recycled water of course, which is toxic , so although it keeps us alive, it causes various damage to our bodies. But let’s move on..

the bees give us honey, which is the healthiest sweetener for us, they pollinate the flowers ensuring continued life and if not for bees, the natural flowers will die. And so on. No this isn’t a biology lesson, I’m getting to a point.

So as you know, every living thing on the planet depends on each other to survive. Even the rocks have a role to play. Everything is alive. You can own the latest and greatest computer, drive the most expensive car, live in a mansion and be filthy rich and famous, but when death comes knocking, none of your toys will save you.

knowing this, it has to be obvious that our planet was designed by something – not someone, as how can God be an object? Our Ancestors prayed and worshipped the Gods they believed in. The American Indians worshipped the Gods of water, air, trees and so on, every culture believed whatever they believed in, and whose to say they were wrong? Their version of GODS was beautiful, life sustaining , and they treated the Earth with everything on it, with gratitude and respect. Self loathing and guilt didn’t form part of their repertoire.

so everyone was living well, the lifespan of humans was 30 to 40 years, which was necessary for population control. That much is obvious. Animals die in the wild if a runt is born, because the runt cannot contribute to the pack or pride, and would need constant care. In order for the pack or pride to survive, the runt is left to die, so as to keep the balance right. The Mother mourns just as a human does, but she has the intellect to know she has to keep her species going, so she accepts.

Then along comes modern day, greedy humans to stuff everything up.

Youd think that our bodies would adjust to the toxicity of our planet, that we’ve caused, as we’ve adapted to so many natural disasters over hundreds of thousands of years. you’d think that we’d adjust our cells automatically, to live healthy lives, despite the toxins, but we cannot, and neither can the rest of life on this earth. Why? Because toxins are not natural disasters, Resulting in diseases that are often incurable, like cancer. Very few survive it, and instead of dealing with this disease with what the natural world offers at the moment, before life giving plants are destroyed,  mankind uses toxic means to destroy all cells, often resulting in death. But a slow painful one at that. Even animals cannot self adjust to the toxins everywhere, so they too, get diseases like cancer. They aren’t radiated though, they’re put down, just like the runt of the litter that’s left to die.

So where am I going with this?

well, when a human gets sick by his own hands, he frantically starts praying to a “God” out there, somewhere. Stupid enough to destroy a perfect ecosystem that’s kept us healthy, save some people or babies that simply die, in keeping with the natural order of the ecosystem, mankind looks outside of himself for help to save himself from that which he’s killing. Crazy and stupid huh?

It seems pretty obvious to me, that mankind is lacking intellect, while every other form of life is hugely intelligent. We’re too stupid and arrogant to even think about that.

So why would such an intricate, intelligent perfectly balanced ecosystem, allow humans to destroy it? Because, in the beginning, we were all one.

No God “out there ” which was a system and object designed by man, to control the populace I.e. The fear of death will keep people pouring money into churches, so that “God” will give them life when they die!? Or, forgive them of their sin.. Is going to mend anything, because WE created God, and rather than look within to the Supreme Beings that we are, fear was introduced in the form of a white bearded man sitting on a cloud taking names.

We came to be, in the same way everything else did. Our own consciousness. Somewhere along the way, modern man developed an ego and forgot his true self, and in his greed and need to control , his destruction of the very world that sustains us, is dying….or is it?

We were given the privilege of co existing with every creature, plant and even rocks that would ensure our shelter. We were born into a most beautiful world in every way. Everything on the planet is awesome with inborn intelligence we could never hope to even understand, like the runt that is left to die, to ensure continued success of the pack. Not cruel, very intelligent.

Mother earth is way too intelligent to allow humans to destroy her. So she’ll wreak havoc in the form of natural disasters, and incurable diseases to destroy humanity who have proven to be powerless to stop these events, and it’ll be just another “age in time” when we are destroyed. A new people will be given the privilege of this Earth, who I believe, are the ones growing up now, in a new World, where consciousness is once again coming alive, and therefore being reminded of WHO they are, and they’ll know the dolphins and the trees are their Brothers.

We are all a collective consciousness, and we knew what we were doing when we came here. Sadly, humans left the consciousness pack, became stupid and greedy, and in forgetting who we are, we fucked our Brothers and Sisters in the form of all life, along the way, including ourselves!

Thankfully, the tide is turning. People are waking up!




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