Make A Wish…


falling star

The scenario:

Your Husband, Wife or partner is diagnosed with a fatal illness that there’s no cure for.

You frantically start the search probably on the internet (where else?) to find some kind of solution in an attempt to prolong their life, as that’s our innate instinct for survival.

You then realise that there is not a lot you can do, and that you are not in control of life. Life happens. Curve balls are thrown and you have to roll with the very hard painful punches.

If you have Children, they turn to you in distress and fear, and ask you for answers. ‘Will Daddy/Mommy, whomever, be ok?’ Truth is, you don’t know, and you are perhaps as afraid as they are, but you have to be strong, so you smile through the hole in your heart, and assure them that all will be fine.

You know that all is not fine,  and fear they won’t trust you again, but you’ve taken to protecting your Children, as well as your Partner now.

His or her family hears about the illness, and calls to know all about it.

You politely share it with them, holding back your tears, because, if you let on that you’re terrified or upset, then either your Children or Partner will become unhinged. So, you smile with the hole in your heart, assuring them it’ll all be fine.

While they are asleep, you go outside, sit under the stars, gaze up at the heavens, and the flood gates open, finally – release.

falling star

You sob as the snot runs freely down your nose, into your mouth, and you don’t even bother to wipe it away. You cry yourself dry, till there are no more tears to cry.

Then, a falling star shoots across the sky, and you’ve always made a wish on them, so what do you wish for?

one falling star

Strength to cope with the inevitable, because you are not in control of life,

OR, the strength to carry on, after your Partner has gone.?

Or do you wish for strength for your Children and other loved ones?

You can only make one wish per falling Star….

I would wish for more falling Stars….

wish for falling stars



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