Thats what friends are for! Right?


“Phone rings” trrrr, trrrr, you answer “hello?”

Friend; “hi, how are you?”

you; I’m good and you?”

Friend; “I really need your advice on something. Paul seems to be acting up lately, not sure if I’m projecting or what, but what he’s doing is…..(3 hours later) …your ear is burning and all you’ve done is listen and try help, be sympathetic and more.

Friend; “aah thanks so much my friend, don’t know what I’d do without you”

you; “pleasure, that’s what friends are for right?” Chat later, and you put the phone down.

Next morning phone ringing early, trrr, trrr,


Friend; “you’ll never believe what I found when I searched through Paul’s phone….I’m destroyed, he always…..(3hours later). … haven’t had a cup of tea due to extended sympathy, ear is burning, but , hey, that’s what friends are for right?

Friend “omg, I don’t know what I’d do without…

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