O.M.I.B – Gravity

Mah Butt Itches

For the first time in, I don’t even know how long, I’m writing how I used to.  I’m in my bathrobe, my hair is soaking wet, and I’m listening to Maynard.  None of this is relevant, except maybe that I’m listening to Thirteenth Step album by APC.

a-tribute-to-alan-watts-13-638“What goes up, must come down” popped in my head today – the law of gravity.  Up & down describes my life, as it relates to my moods.  Depression, anxiety, etc. are all the ups and downs in everyday life.  I have been fighting myself so much because I am “so tired of my mood swings”, but it only makes it worse.  I am not struggling anymore, I refuse.  I am more tired of fighting and analyzing my mood swings then just breathing and living my life.  Life – nature, doesn’t control itself.  The ocean doesn’t tell the waves where to go; the…

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