Greetings! UPdate on a Botch

So I’ve tried all f… day to change my site from traderoutz to just Deborah.

So folks, if you followed me on traderoutz, please change to this one. I don’t know how the hell to do it, and have botched it up to the point that I’ve gone into overdrive panic attack!

The NEW SITE is called ‘CRAZYANDSANE’ and my name is there – Deborah…

Oh, if anyone knows how to redirect my followers to this new site, please help!


5 thoughts on “Greetings! UPdate on a Botch

    1. I don’t think you should’ve deleted the old site quite yet as you can redirect automatically through WordPress but you can click help on the bottom left to chat with a live rep if I’m a bit off on what happened.


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