Understanding the Pregnant Woman’s Thought Process by Mainstreet

I’ve been wanting to talk about this and get some help on understanding the pregnant woman’s thinking.  My best friend’s having his first child born this October which isn’t that far away, but it is.  Many people have had children but not 25 year old me.  I don’t think I’d be able to deal with the problems that I watch my best friend go through on a daily basis.

I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there like me who are in there mid 20’s and don’t have kids.  I however, do want some but that is a huge commitment from what I’ve seen from the my best friend Tony.  Poor guy.  Really though, you have know idea the kinds of things he puts up with on a daily basis.

Me and him used to work together everyday doing landscaping which is very physical I’d say and she would get mad at him for going to work.  She works swing shift and obviously doing landscaping is a morning shift job.  She’d get so angry for him leaving for work that she’d want to break up and can’t deal with his bs.  Of course you know of “going out”(working) with me, she’s the one who’s pregnant with his child.  Matter of fact she did break up with him for going to work on her day off once.  I thought it was the most hilarious things I had ever seen and when I couldn’t stop laughing he got up and walked off before we could leave for work.

giphy (26)

Another thing I have problems with comprehending is this.  So she gets off work one around 8 P.M.  Tony and myself are watching our series on Netflix(the 100) when she comes walking in.  First thing she does is tells Tony “come on, come to bed.”  He looks at her and replied “but babe, I’m not tired.”  I looked at the clock wow 8 P.M.  She then used the excuse that she wanted to go to bed, she’s tired and pregnant so he has to go bed.  What the fuck, right?  Tony goes “aw, but babe…”  Then her response was “I’m tired and pregnant we’re going to bed so…” At this point, I wouldn’t be able to deal with that just on stupid reasoning alone.  Tony being upset got up and went to bed, I was laughing hysterically.  The next morning the arguing about it continued and she asked me if she was wrong and what would I do in his shoes.  Just to mess with him I sided with her saying, “well, she is pregnant.”  He stared real darkly at me so I confessed how I felt.  If I was in his shoes going through that everyday she’d be… so fucking single.

I’m not a MonSter.  Don’t get me wrong,  I just can’t understand how she could just use the excuse I’m pregnant to try to rationalize this.  Me as a person, I’m not patient enough to deal with that chaos.  Another time he couldn’t hangout with me for 2 weeks because you know she’s pregnant and she was jealous of me being his best friend of 10+ years now and they’ve been together the last 6 months.  Again Tony was a good boyfriend and didn’t come over for these 2 weeks as she asked.  When he asked if he could, after that she said “No, I don’t want you drinking because I’m pregnant and I don’t trust you being with David(me).”

giphy (27)

Finally he walked out, came over and played some video games.  Then we began some of our show the 100.  She’s called him up and told him she can’t deal with his bullshit anymore.  She wants to break up.

giphy (28)

Her family always uses the excuse, “she’s just pregnant.  You need to man up Tony, you did this to her.”  I know what over excessive brain chemicals do and how they effect the brain, but I can’t understand how this is okay. I could not deal with that at all.  Please comment whether this is normal or not or if there is a way to deal with this.  I just don’t know how that process works.



7 thoughts on “Understanding the Pregnant Woman’s Thought Process by Mainstreet

  1. She’s using, what is a very normal beautiful event against him. Does she blame him for her being pregnant? She could just be very young and insecure. No, this is not how a healthy happy pregnant woman normally behaves. Seems as if she’s feeling angry. Have you tried to include her in some of the activities you and her partner enjoy? Maybe try that? Wish you all the best.


      1. oh dear. Seems clingy. Get’s worse with pregnancy and worse when baby is born!! LOL…don’t want to be the harbinger of doom, but some women are just so insecure…


    1. Well we do actually try to a lot. But she is very scornful, so doesn’t go very well. Actually being his bestfriend made her hate me because she thinks she’s supposed to be after 6 months. Now heres the darkest part about it she held him with her legs when they first had sex without a condom and he tried to pull out but she locked him in with her legs so this was intentional being pregnant to keep a relationship with him…


      1. OMG! you know, so many woman do this, just to catch a man who they know wouldn’t otherwise stay with them. What a bloody nasty thing to do! He should’ve shoved her away, like with brute force, poor guy. Well, he doesn’t have to dance to her tune, just because she ensured she’d get pregnant. He can still be your best friend, and be a Dad to his kid. At the end of the day, that’s all that actually matters. Him being a good Father. And you being there for him remaining as his best friend, is perfect! Keep it that way. 🙂

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