Operation Plant Rescue!

So, I thought that I’d plant my own veggies in a tiny spot, in the tiny garden I have. I’ve gone into a ‘the world is poisonous‘ mode and I’m convinced that everything we are now ingesting, is toxic. Well, actually, most foodstuffs are! Either GM, or so much insecticide or whatever other poison they pummel the food with, it cannot help us in any healthy way. It could of course be one of the most common causes of cancer (the poison we’re ingesting through the food we eat)…

SO! I can’t go out and hunt wild boar, but I can grow my own food organically. I speedily set out to the local nursery and bought a few seedlings that were super cheap. Got carrots, celery, spinach and aubergines plus a bunch of herbs which are in pots up high where the snails can’t attack them.

I joyfully and with zest, turned over the soil, added natural organic plant food, mixed it all up, got mud and dirt all over myself (which I luuurved) you know, getting down and dirty took on a new meaning when I planted my veggies!

About a week later, I go to check on one of the flower beds I’d planted, and OMG, a snail has waged war on them! The poor freaken plants! The snail can move albeit slowly, but the plants are like stuck there, tied to the ground while the bastard snails are eating it. ‘Oh no’ I said to myself...’time for operation plant rescue’..

So I found said snail hovering around, and I’d read that garlic is like the kiss of death to snails, and one should plant it in-between your plants or veggies, something I’d failed to do. (Hence the plant’s in I.C.U.)

I took my garlic flakes, which are pure and organic, and to ‘test’ the waters, sprinkled the flakes onto the snail. O…M…G!! The snail started frothing green stuff and foaming and oh God, it was so distressing, but I HAD to ensure that the garlic technique would work! Oh heck, I was hunched over the snail apologizing profusely, and explaining why I’d done what I’d done, but then felt sooo shit, that I grabbed the watering can and washed him thoroughly to try and save his life. I didn’t move until I saw whether he’d recover or not. As snails go, it took the little shit a long time, but he did recover! OK, test over, garlic works!

I then sprinkled the pure garlic flakes all around my freshly planted food and a few flowers, but I sprinkled a lot – now paranoid that the snails would come in at night in gangs and declare war coz of what I’d done to their mate…giphy (24)

So the joyful news? YAY!! the garlic flakes are keeping the snails away! No more pigging out on my plants for those little shits. They can go pick on the weeds, or leave and put up shell somewhere else. I’m in this for my plants, for the long run, and I ain’t gonna let no slimy slug wage war on them.

Good Mama no?




4 thoughts on “Operation Plant Rescue!

  1. I’d be all sad about the snail, too, and would have done the SAME thing. But, something (likely a snail) has been eating the heck out of my rose bush leaves and I wanted to try a little bronner’s citrus variety diluted in water to just get them to go find another plant far away. Hehe. We’ll see if it works. I may just sprinkle garlic flakes around AFTER I can ensure I’m not going to outright kill anyone. Haha. Thanks for this. 🙂

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  2. Thanks! well garlic works! I’ve sprinkled the flakes all around my veggies and flowers and so far they’ve been safe. It’s a pain when it rains though, as that’s when those little buggers descend upon your plants!! So then I sprinkle again….this weekend, I’m going to purchase garlic seeds and grow them inbetween the plants. I felt AWFUL about the poor snail, but I did save it’s life thank goodness!! Jeeez, what a way to check out nature! 🙂 Please let me know how your concoction works too. I’d love to give it a try! x


  3. Snails getting you huh? I had no idea that garlic would keep them away. That’s pretty useful but dang it how are you supposed to get your homegrown escargot now with all the garlic keeping them away? 😀


    1. LOL, the day I actually eat the bastards from my garden, will be the day I’ve so lost it, I should be instutionalised. I’d rather bite my arm off! LOL, and yes, garlic to a snail, spells the kiss of death!


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