MOTIVATION, Where are you..? Oh, there. Wait, damn…

Procrastinations been the name of the game lately.  TBH, I haven’t even looked at this blog the past five or six days… I’m sorry I neglected you(blog)…

Anyway, when I came back it seems like somethings been keeping it alive and that makes me glad to see and also that some of you have been enjoying things lately.

Suffering from an extreme change of gears in life just made me take an appreciative step back to gain an interesting perspective of how events go down.  Sometimes it seems like the events that you have no control over happen to you for an opportunity toward more growth than previously recognized.  Maybe they’re right when they say its already been written…

So that’s it for now… but the next phase of StreetPsych is being procrastinated on like a mf.  7 days left to go before the planned launch of the Community Outreach father site and I have a lot left to do… maybe I just said all this to give me the next step in finding motivation.

The blog will become incorporated in the father site somehow so the next time I’m back I hope to be introducing everyone to an interesting opportunity and the beginning of a dream that I was opened up toward through starting this blog in the first place.

Stay motivated…


7 thoughts on “MOTIVATION, Where are you..? Oh, there. Wait, damn…

  1. Hi back! I’ve been TOTES unmotivated for the past week, dealing with a BPD tilt….and so understand where you’re at.Something to consider here, is that if you suffer from a mental illness, and have decided to take on a project of any kind, one day, you wake up and think WTF?? and either consciously or subconsciously you get overwhelmed. All excitement and creativity buggers off and you’re left with a hole in your brain….this is normal. What I do, is either take time to meditate, be alone, or watch youtube vids on interesting stuff. Like peeps that live in the wild (which I’m planning by the way)…and so on…mostly, never apologise. Own that shit. Hope you perk up soon, if not, so what? LIVE!! x x x

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  2. Sometimes a reality check can improvise on so many positives levels. In this case I say it was for the better to take a break figure out where your life was at the time or where it was heading and then reestablish your goal plan to optimize your future. I think you did the best thing for yourself and hope to see your new posts. Mike like always, wishful thinking. Keep up the positive attitude as well as the moral of streetpsychiatry.

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