Our Dirty Little Secret(The One Thing We don’t Speak Of) by Mainstreet

Right now, your sitting there wondering what this post is going to be about?  In all honesty, if your human you already what it is.  Whats on thing that we all are ashamed of doing but find ourselves doing occasionally?  That’s Right!  This blog is on Masturbation.

giphy (25)

Why shouldn’t we be able to talk about Masturbation?  It’s a normal bodily function that we do when our hormones are kicking out of control.

Masturbating is very healthy for those who aren’t having sex.  It releases an overflow of chemicals that are bodies are constant producing.  It is in fact, very healthy to self please if you don’t have a sexual partner actually.

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When it comes to men, we get very moody after a few days without jerking off.  Out testosterone gets built up and we become more angry and a more aggressive nature as well as mentally unstable with constant sexual thoughts.  It gets to the point that are tempers are popping off left and right but even more when it’s a long period in a relationship without sex.  The anger thing happens as well jealousy and lashing out at our significant other.

giphy (22)

But is this just a guy thing?  Nope.  Not at all.  Women as well need the release of chemicals but they go about it a little bit differently.  At home without being in a relationship they might seem hormonal as if they were on their period coming off a little more catty though.  If they are in a relationship they start getting really spiteful and bitchy(no offense) when its been too long without having an orgasm.  They get very rude and hurtful which causes big problems for the relationship if you can’t catch the crying out for some “lovins.”

giphy (24)

Regardless of gender it is necessary at times to Masturbate and don’t be ashamed about it, we all do it from time to time.  I doesn’t just help us all from having anger outbreaks and mood swings but helps your body and mind as well.  If you masturbate right before bed, the sleep is so much better.  Don’t believe?  Just ask Chow.

giphy (21)

Before you let this mess up your relationship you should try talking about it when you start feeling this way with your significant other instead of acting the ways I talked up about previously.  If it’s hard for you to ask “want to have sex” or anything of that nature, try to make it known either physically by showing a little affection or try the Mainstreet way and do it by showing a certain face that just puts out there “I could use some affection” or “I need some sexing” xD.  I do it every so often but when my lady at time sees it they know what I’m saying by it.  Problem solved. 

This is my 4th sensitive subject blog but many more to come.  That’s a promise.  ;D

Mainstreet signing out.


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