Sexuality(Right or Wrong) by Mainstreet

This blog is about my view on Sexuality.  Yes, I do realize this is a sensitive subject for people but it needs to get more familiarized and start being respected by everyone.  Sorry if my views offend you.

To begin there are many kinds of sexuality out there but I’m going to talk about the 3 common ones and my views on them.  The 3 are straight, gay, and bi-sexual.

Straight is the most common form of sexuality and most acceptable to the public.  Man and Woman, husband and wife, boys and girls.  I’m a straight man so this is my sexuality.  As a straight man in society I am sexually attracted to women.  I want to have a family and reproduce someday which can only be made between a male and female in the natural way anyway.  I don’t mean that gays or bis or any other sexuality can’t or shouldn’t have children but the fact that they can’t do it naturally with shared blood between the 2.

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Now’s time for my view on gay guys then I’ll move on to gay women.  Gay guys are perfectly fine in my opinion.  They are sexually attracted to men which I don’t believe that should be frowned upon by anyone.  If they are into that let them be into that.  I’ve been hit on by many gay men in my life and even though I’m straight I took it as a compliment.  I’m not gay or bi but doesn’t mean I’m homophobic either because that ins’t the case at all.  I know gays generally are some of the most beautiful and sensitive people out there which is why I have a gay best friend.  He occasionally makes passes at me joking around and I don’t get weirded out about it.  He’s the nicest person you’ll ever meet with a lot of patience and discipline even though Chance is a 3rd degree black belt in tae-kwon-do.  He’s definitely a fierce guy, so I’d feel really bad for anyone who picked a fight with him based on his sexuality.

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Time for my view on gay women or Lesbians.  I feel like lesbians are more acceptable to the public than queer men(no offense).  Gay women seem very happy and pretty peculiar on ways they do things.  I also got used to seeing that more commonly when I was a child to my mother being bi-sexual.  Though some of the butches were very mean to me for being a boy.  But also some were really cool like almost dad material and were very open-hearted with me.  Even through football and taught me how to drive.  The “Fems” were more weird to be around though and wouldn’t really interact with men for the most part or at all.  Either way you look at it, they are individuals and you shouldn’t get offended their sexual preference.

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Bi-sexual people get slandered a lot either as a man or a woman.  I notice that people are more rude to them and call them either “dikes” or “faggots” a lot when they see them with the same gender.  I think my people are the most layed back, easy going people out there.  So friendly, and gently to either sex.  I love bi people to death because of this and I find most of them worthy of being a best friend because they are accustomed to both genders romantically and can give really good romantic advice for people.

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No matter what sexuality someone is, they still deserve the respect as a human being and nobody should have the right to slander or discriminate people based on their sexual preference.  All people deserve happiness.

Feel free to throw me some feedback on your thoughts about my post, I’d love to hear them which I will read and get back to you if you leave a comment.


Sexuality by Mainstreet


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