Sexism by Mainstreet

Femnazis, Feminists, Equalists, Masculinists, Virists;  These are the basic shades of sexism.  Here’s a quick break down of each of these perspectives of sexism followed by where I stand on this topic.

Femnazis:  These are people more of the extreme versions of feminists that thing that men are completely inferior to women.

Feminists:  Are people overcompensate for women and feel that they don’t get the same treatment as men.  They seem to lean forward toward female advancement. 

Equalists:  People who view men and women as equals and see the importance of both sexes.  

Masculinists:  People who push the balance on sexism favoring the male sex.

Virists:  People who truly believe that the male species are far superior to females.  They also are the extremists of masculinity.

Mainstreet’s View on Sexism

Well as you would have guessed I am a Virist… Just kidding.

giphy (15)

I’m actually an Equalist, who believe’s that both men and women have equal importance.  I mean it takes both to reproduce and both genders has strengths the other doesn’t necessarily have normally though.  I believe that both depending on drive could adapt to each other’s strengths.

I noticed that in my community college classes that there are more Feminists and Masculinists than Equalists among my peers.  I disagree with both parties seeming how my views are toward Equalism; not enough to argue with except when I met the extremists of both sexes the Femnazis as well as the Virists.

I hate talking about views on sexism with these parties.  However here is Las Vegas,  it is very subjected toward feminism which I do dislike a lot.  Here they have a gyms where women get free memberships, we have bars women get in free and guys payed entry. Last but not least quite a few high roller bars and middle end bars women get open bar and men have to pay to drink there.  These kinds of things need to stop because many of the woman in my age group make the same or much more money than I do as a Union construction worker(lower-middle class living); just in tips as a bartender or cocktail waitress or restaurant waiter at that.  The ones that strip for a living make about 3 to 4 times what I do in a year working 60+ hours weekly, yet I have to pay for drinks or the gym or entries to places or double at night clubs(I’m not really into that scene though).

 Women that work in my field same pay don’t have to do the physical labor that I have to, matter of fact the foreman tell me she’s a girl and I know your a very bust ass worker so Dave, I need you to double your production.  Isn’t that fucked up?  Funnier part to that story is she gave me attitude for doing the double quota for her and literally was like “wow your cool.  You did double quota you want a fucking trophy?”  I was so close to blowing a gasket on her but I held my composure because I’m a man and talking to young woman who’s 24 really looks bad because she’s a girl;  but I am an Equalist so I believe she should do her own work and if she can’t keep up fully I have know problem helping her out but no.  Every time I see her, she’s on Facebook or Instagram while I’m doing her work.

There is a dark side to being an Equalist that ladies reading might get appalled after reading, but I’m going to be straightforward about this.  I was with a tiny(5’0 ft. 100 lb 23 year old) friend Abby outside a club called free zone where I ran into my worst nightmare.  This “butch” lesbian(Femnazi) who was being very rude to Abby about me. Abby tried to stick up for me, girl called a couple friends over to beat up Abby.

I stepped in the front and told her we didn’t want trouble but I wasn’t going to let them jump her.  Before I knew she started swinging on me along with another big girl.  After about 12 hits and my shirt being over my while I was being fought I told them to stop twice which they did not finally I ripped my shirt off so I could see when I ate a gnarly hit right to the nose.  Blood pouring down my chest, I lost my shit headbutted the first girl fully unconscious when the other sucker punched the back of my skull, for the first time I punched a girl right in the chin, laying her down right next to her friend.  Take into fact that the 1st woman was 300 lbs and her friend was 250 lbs.  As a man 5’10 and 200 lbs I figured they were fair game.

Abby grabbing me at this point crying.  I broke my code to never hit a woman,  but honestly I didn’t feel guilt for that.  In fact, it taught me something: man, woman, teenager, elderly or anyone who can come at me with so much hostility, to the point of inflicting pain toward me repeatedly, deserves it dished back sometimes(even cold).  I’m not proud of it but I’m not scared to step over that line in that type of situation now.  Again I am an Equalist.

I don’t deserve to be in a hostile environment, just as anyone else shouldn’t be either.  

I’d love to here comments based on your views on this subject but please forgive me if you were offended by my perspective…

Mainstreet out.



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