It’s been a while… In the back of the StreetPsychiatrist’s mind: Creating Value Through Every Action

So as I’ve repeated a few times already, I’ve been busy with the pre-launch phase of our Community Outreach Program…  


As with every endeavor involving blogging and building an organization, there are many tedious parts to the creation process.  One part that I’m working on now is getting people involved and obtaining submissions from others willing to share their story with others struggling with mental illnesses.

I could easily create a generic message and mass text people but I take the more meaningful one-on-one interaction; at the least its rewarding(personally) and definitely most effective.  Now of course, it’s a given that people appreciate it when they’re given unique, individualized attention…

giphy (29)

I’ve just been paying more attention lately to quality over quantity in every endeavor; its definitely paid off.

  • Whenever I’m posting now, its something that relates to me deeply which is usually becoming an important theme in my life. 
  • Whenever I speak with people, I’ve always made the effort to completely listen and give my most honest feedback.
  • When I wake up, I take my time to prepare for everything instead of rushing last minute to my responsibilities. 
  • When I eat, I take the time to usually cook something myself and take time and effort in thinking about how to create something new and appetizing(along with savoring things instead of rushing through meals).
  • I take the time to put things back in an organized manner instead of leaving around organized mess piles.

The reasoning behind all this: its relaxing not having to rush through things; there’s more appreciation that’s reflected in its appearance, and I think that it permeates to other areas of life.  I’ve always been used to finishing everything as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Now I think it’s important to create order and value in everything we choose to do; we have enough disorder and chaos around as it is…

giphy (6)

This isn’t a call to action for all of you, just something I’ve found to add value in my life in a way that I hadn’t expected to be so valuable.

Maybe some of you might experience something positive through adding more time and value into the smaller things in life… especially the things that are mundane and tedious.  

-The StreetPsychiatrist – (Sidestreet) – 


2 thoughts on “It’s been a while… In the back of the StreetPsychiatrist’s mind: Creating Value Through Every Action

  1. Great post Mike. You’re spot on, super good advice and advice that I believe everyone, mentally ill or not, should take on board. The WORLD is chaotic, but we don’t have to be in OUR World 🙂

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