Thoughts On Love by mainstreet

What is love?

Love all depends on the person and it can be conveyed in many ways as well as interpreted in many ways as well.


Caring for someone or some thing for his/her/its well being.

To me anyone can love anyone.  Such as love of a family member,  love of a friend,  or  love or passion for something in general.  I love many people and many things.  I have a lot of love and respect for everyone in general that is given until reason for it to be taken away.  I love all kinds of people for many different reasons.  Some people have made great choices and are doing good for themselves.  Some people had it rough for a while either through up bringing with abuse or other things and some people have it rough with poverty which I have so much sympathy for still.  Others don’t have friends or idols or good parents to help them which I also sympathize for.  So much love for so many people and different reasons.

In Love:

When it comes to being in love with somebody it is very different.  For me being in love is when you can feel nothing but happiness with them or “whole.”  When I feel in love with someone I know that there’s someone always there for me whether its emotionally,  sexually,  or just cuddling and watching a movie enjoying each others company.  In love is probably the best feeling in life.  When you are truly in love you can’t really look at other people in attractive manor,  it turns down everyone else’s sex appeal.  Another thing about it like the sex is way different and more intense if you are fully in love with a person.  Take a one night stand for example.  You can have good or bad or just plain sex.  But when you actually care about that person there is so much more passion,  emotion,  and intensity.  When you finish making love you just feel drowned in peace and full of satisfaction and lay there in silence and know the other half is feeling the same fulfillment as you.  Kissing in my opinion is more intimate that sex at times compared to just sleeping around.  But everybody is different and has different perspectives on it.  I can honestly say I believe in love.  I felt it before a few times.  Out of the 20 or more relationships I’ve experienced I’ve felt it 3 times.  Its a very rare feeling you can say but if you have that, then you will only be in love with that one person and won’t be interested in others.  Doesn’t mean you can still have love for other people but that you’re loyally in love with one.

Love By: Mainstreet




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