Thoughts on Abortion by Mainstreet

How do I look at “Abortion?” I would honestly like to say that I’m against abortion, but there are some cases where I can understand it.

If you are having unprotected sex and end up being knocked up by your boyfriend but chose to have an abortion, I am 100% against it.  He could pull out or you could have made him wear a condom.  If it is based on your financial reasoning I do understand but you should be well understanding of that fact and should be having safe sexual intercourse.  Knowing that already and being in this situation would put you at fall and in my own belief you should have to man the fuck up to the situation you made and put on your mommy/ or daddy pants.

If you became pregnant due to a rape then I’d be supportive of the abortion but if you kept that baby and loved it, it’d be far more admirable.  My step-mother went through that right before she got together with my father and she had kept the baby.  Not frowned upon if you terminate the baby due to this reasoning though.

If you were out party and fucked somebody at a party and ended up pregnant.  I would be for the abortion, but take into note that the baby never got a chance because of the mothers partying and she would have to be able to live with that.  I know that this is hurtful to some, but in my opinion alone, this is how I feel about it.

If you were wearing a condom at the time of conceiving at it broke, I’d be supportive of the abortion if you aren’t ready for the parenting or financially because at least you tried having protective sex, so I don’t believe it should be frowned upon at all.

I believe that a father should be able to make a call in it as well though.  If he had a condom break and he isn’t ready to father up yet or the case of the mother isn’t mentally or physically healthy enough where they can work it out then I believe he should have some say in the abortion.

If the mother traps the man by not letting go of him when he’s ejaculating then he should be able to file for right to abort the baby and if not then there should be like a court hearing about it that makes him irresponsible for child support if at that point she decides to keep the child.  This happened to a friend of mine and they don’t actually do the court hearing thing but the mother literally held on to him and was trying to force him to stay around from a one night stand which led into him paying child support and him not getting to see the child.  This I am again 100% against.

giphy (13)

I’m not one-sided here.  I stand up for both sides decisions on abortion but really think about them.  I believe in equality for both men and women.

I mean if the father is a terrible person and the mother keeps the kid and goes after him for child support I understand completely.  Especially if he was abusive then I understand as well but also if he’s abusive I wouldn’t be staying with him either.  If you were like forced sexed/raped during and chose to abort it I would definitely support you.

It is important for the child to grow up with having both parents around.  A baby needs the loving, passionate, and nurturing strongly from the mother’s side.  Father’s side however is to show discipline and guidance to them as well and love for the child.  Mother’s are more nurturing as fathers are more disciplinary.  But together you raise a child to be more productive in life.

Not saying that a parent of either gender can’t raise a child on their own but generally a child raised by a single mother turns out more sensitive and emotional.  A child only raise by a father is more masculine, independent, and troubled.  But doesn’t mean its a bad thing either.  So I think that both parents should have the ability to chose to raise and parent a child or be able to decide whether or not to have one as well.

Abortion by Mainstreet





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