To Kill or Not to Kill?

One might say they’d take someone’s life if they were in danger or if their family was.  I can say I would only if it was to save more than one life.

For instance a draft happens and I personally went over seas to another country.  I don’t think I could take God’s greatest gift “life” from someone even if I was armed.  Especially if I kicked in someone else’s door and they pulled a gun on me, I couldn’t do it.  Who is to say that my life has any more value than another’s?  It doesn’t.  We as people only have one.

If someone on the street pulled a gun on me, I’d stand by my word.  I wouldn’t be able to take a life to save my own.  However if that person has killed people before and was set on a path to kill others, in that instance I would.  But most cases I believe it is wrong to take a life and even more wrong to cause that ultimatum.

There are no words to describe how valuable one’s life is.

Don’t throw it away and do not take was isn’t yours.

Many people die every year by the hands of someone else.

If only people knew the true value of life then this would stop.

Life should be cherished and treated with more respect.

Just live and let live.  The world would be a better place.  In peace, we shall have our salvation.

Mainstreet out.


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