Badass Rockers…

rolling stones tongue

Back in 1962, The Rolling Stones were formed! (Best thing ever – oh Pink Floyd is pretty cool too)….along with the coolest Rockers ever!

Back in the 60’s, those rockers were seriously badass! 

They partied like rock stars…ok, what does that mean? Well to be blunt, let’s put it this way.

NO one, can jiggle like Mick Jagger. He moves like a grasshopper on a hot plate! Seriously, his legs do a sort of ‘twisty’ thing, that those clowns with long legs you can buy for kids do, when you twist their legs around. It’s insane and so freaken cool! (I tried to copy his moves once, but fell over and made a fool of myself!).

 He’s ‘all fired up’ like someone who’s sniffing glue (not saying he does or did), but he’s alive! I totally love the Rolling Stones.

Then we have the drummer, Keith…OMG, he brings the word badass to a new level. He looks like he snorts a treetrunk size of the white shit before a concert, (maybe inbetween too), and if that doesn’t get his groove on, MAYBE he jabs a bad ass syringe in his arm – loaded!!  I mean ‘treetrunk’ as in…hollowed out tree, filled with the good shit, and SNORT!!!

How he manages to bang out the tunes on his guitar, should be cited as one of the Wonders of the World. He just rocks! The very fact that he’s not dead yet, is a miracle on it’s own! Yup, a Wonder of the World!

The Beatles were good let’s face it, but they paled in comparison to some of the badass rockers of those years. Today’s ‘boybands’  are  ‘snivelly and whiny’, and are so not badass rockers! They kind of remind me of Catholic Choir Boys.

I love the Beatles music, but today, they can be compared to the ‘boybands’ (vom-inducing), (excluding Lennon. He’s legend),  whereas, the rock stars, who lit up the stage, set the room on fire with their magnetism and ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude, were so good, we cannot forget them or their music,  and most of them continue today, if not dead from over snorting, or jabbing too many needles….

Then we have people, who seriously have no idea what music is, and call themselves, ‘rockbands’. All they successfully do, is make horrible guttural sounds, play shitty guitars LOUDLY, so that you can’t really hear the guttural sounds, (thankfully) –  well, here and there, you kind of hear a grunt (which they call ‘singing’), trying so hard to be badass, but they fail on every level.  They cannot emulate, try as they might, or even begin to ‘create a new kind of music’, on a level even close to the badass rockers of the 60’s.

Can you even imagine a ‘Woodstock’ filled with ‘boybands’??? …um. no!

And what about Janis Joplin? Oh man, that chick rocked the crap out of every song she ever sang. To this day, her music is played over and over again, with that badass rocker throaty voice that only belongs to Janice Joplin. It’s so cool to SHOUT…


at the top of your voice, because it seriously doesn’t matter whether you can sing in tune or not, you’ll rock that song! Try sing it with that throaty voice…it’s so cool you’ll end up losing your voice, for a seriously good tune. In fact, the more you lose your voice, the more’ Janice’ you’ll sound! Just stay away from the ‘white light’, the white stuff, and the syringes. Don’t wanna end up like poor ‘ol Janice. Rocker of note!

That’s the thing. In the 60’s they did everything to extreme, and they seemed to be so damn good at it, they made ‘snorting and jabbing’ look cool. (um, which in reality, it’s not…) But they sorted that shit! Yet somehow, most of them survived. Perhaps in those days, the drugs weren’t laced with rat poison and drain cleaner.

nah, today, we don’t really have badass rockers. We have loud gutterul people, who cannot sing, it’s not music, it’s an assault on the senses who think they’re badass. Oh, they snort and jab, and then mostly die! They seriously stuff it up.

Whenever I’ve watched a concert with say, Led Zeppelin (OMG they rock!),  or The Rolling Stones, Van Halen etc, I get seriously excited, and find myself wiggling and jiggling and screaming like a stupid groupie. I mean, their music and the way they move/d, took music to a level that’s impossible to copy. They had style! They had talent! and they didn’t give a flying….as to what anyone thought. Well they didn’t have to, because everyone just luuurved them!  Still do!

Check these guys out! They’re geriatric stage, but dang, can they rock!

the rolling stones

Check out ‘ol Keith, he’s off his tree! Still, he rocks on!




7 thoughts on “Badass Rockers…

    1. Thanks! Yeah, he’s totally cool. I loved watching them about 10 years ago, and now they’re performing in Spain in September. Gotta go!! x Thanks for the comments. x

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    1. haha, can you imagine?? The snotty nasaly whiny boys, who sing like Choir boys, trying to rock like Woodstock? LOL…it’s painful and yet also funny even imagining it! yeah, pure art back in the ’60s, when the world was a nicer place I think….Thanks for your comments x x

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