Loving Kindness for Healing

Mah Butt Itches

Every week, I’ve been setting areas of focus for myself, because I have a tendency to take on everything or nothing.  Read: I believe I can completely overhaul my entire existence, exhaust myself into existential crisis, collapse.

In everything, I have to maintain balance.  I read somewhere about weight loss, “You did not gain all of the weight in a day, and you will not lose it all in a day.”  Likewise, I’ve been around for 34.5 years, and it will not be “fixed” in 1 day or week or month.  Fixed is in quotes on purpose too, because I’m not fixing myself.  To say I need fixing is to suggest I am broken, which I am not.  I am healing myself and I am growing stronger.

I am diagnosed with PTSD, but coming away from a diagnostic aspect, everyone has pain and trauma.  I have trauma from my own…

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