Some of You May Know About it, but I guarantee That We Haven’t Told Nearly Enough People Because its HUGE

So right now I am accepting assistant editors and authors right now for the submissions coming in for our Community Outreach for Mental Health in 29 days.  Ill show you this if you haven’t read it: TUMBLR SESSION and REBLOG

What she happened to leave out is that all submissions must be sent to both my email and you must also REGISTER HERE to send it once more.  I did this because the submissions are very important to me and I don’t want to overlook anything that pertains to our project.  The Mental Health Outreach program that launces in a month is the first step of many new directions that will include benefitting, our members, affiiliates to-be, and the communities we live in.

If you are passionate like we are about getting the word out on Mental Health, being a part of a large community movement enriching people’s lives by teaching them things that could save their lives or help tremendously, or simply make peoples days by just being around and sincere.

There’s so many people in this world who are misunderstood and alone because of undiagnosed, and therefore untreated mental illness… These types of people are many times creative, unique, highly talented, and lonely/not living up to their full potential because of their internal battle.  If thisi strikes you as important, please contact me at in order to see how you can be a part of the outreach.

Here’s another place you can register for your convenience:


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