Don’t be afraid to cry. It will free your mind of sorrowful thoughts. – Hopi

The one consistent thread in this cruel World, is the ‘culling’ of all Indigenous people. It’s such a disgrace, it’s difficult to articulate.

The ancient Mayans are now extinct, thanks to Christianity. Some Monk came along, and burnt all of their sacred books in the 1500’s. He apparently cited them as ‘having the devil in them’…

Of course, in his, and then his comrades attempts to ‘convert’ them to the REAL God (that they believed in), they managed to annihilate everyone, and everything they stood for and believed in. Although, ‘modern’ man, is now totally perplexed as to HOW these ‘savages’ (according to Westerners), built impossibly beautiful monuments, they are still too stupid to recognize, that what they destroyed, is gone…forever…with the wisdom, knowledge and the ability to LIVE on this planet, without raping it, is, with these  marvelous people gone too. Forever.

The same cruelty, that is so high on the cruelty scale, it defies description, is the genocide of over 100.000,000 Native American Indians. The American Govt. stole their children from them, lied to them, forced their children, in boarding schools, to ‘convert’ to ‘Christianity’, and IF, the children happened to speak in their native tongue, they were brutally punished. (This is the LOVE of THEIR God that they worship of course)….Hey, they only culled millions of buffalo, that the Native American people hunted, and used every piece of said animal to survive, to spite them. Now, they give them paltry ‘rations’, they live in rundown filthy reservations, are poverty stricken, water poisoned with the aluminum mines they just decided to mine on these people’s own land, and it’s my opinion, that the American Govt, is doing it’s level best to make the Native American Indian, extinct.

The same horror exists in Sahara Africa, where the Bushmen, who’ve lived off the land and never ever hurt even a rock for centuries, in Peace, are now confined to ‘virtual prisons’ and are absolutely NOT allowed to hunt…anything. They have to eat the White man’s food, making them sick, and are losing their ‘old ways’. The wisdom, knowledge, the ability to survive in a DESERT, where there is little water. A few of the ‘decision makers’ should be dropped in the Sahara, and left to fend for themselves, as the Bushmen do. Ha! they won’t survive a day.

Same can be said about the Aboriginals, and the Maurois, and the Indigenous Africans.

The only way I can show how broken my heart is, at the atrocities, that continue today, and I apologise if you are Jewish, but there are ceremonies held in ‘remembrance of the holocaust’, but NONE for the slaughter and torture of millions of Indigenous people, who were here for centuries before the white man came along...Why? Well, most of the Powers that be’, are Jewish…not Indigenous, Wise, loving people. They only know slaughter and greed, and this, I pray will be their ultimate downfall….hopefully with a LOT of suffering involved.

So, as I said, the only way I can show my broken heart over what has happened to the Indigenous of the World, and still happens, is to use music.

I’ve chosen a few songs for you to enjoy, which seem to say exactly what the Indigenous believe and believed. These are dedicated to you ALL! …. I’m embarrassed and ashamed to be a ‘White Woman’….I strongly identify with the Indigenous tribes and Cultures world wide, and have huge respect for them, and I’m disgusted with the ‘White mans ways’…thankfully, I grew up in Africa, so my love and respect is immense…



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