Why It’s Time To Leave Unhealthy Friendships

True words…

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Healthy is when your mental and physical conditions are free from infection and (abusive) control.

Friendships are sacred and beautiful. Providing all persons understand boundaries and respect one another’s temperaments, real friendships will last.

Do not call EVERYONE you meet a friend. Sadly, we have to add adjectives like “true” or “real” or “bad” to a “consecrated” noun. So, real friends do NOT control, manipulate, slander or be two-faced towards you. Real friends demonstrate good aspects of love and care. These virtues are meaningful and necessary for vital living and your life. Real friends allow you freedom to be “you.”

A friendship demonstrates a reciprocity which accepts possible human errors and permits you to grow from them. This statement does not suggest ALL mistakes are “ignorable.” Some faults will bring separations and breaches. In such cases, the one at fault should admit his or her wrong and absorb the hurts…

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