Running with Buddha

Change is a popular topic of discussions as many folks look for change to their circumstances.  That’s how we got weight watchers, alcohol anonymous, and Donald Trump, among other things.

Inertia, the flip side of change, however is less talked about.  It is the resistance to change and directly related to mass.  Larger the mass the greater the inertia.  Since a rhinoceros has more inertia than a mouse, it is harder to get the rhinoceros going than the mouse.  Similarly, once the rhino is moving, it is harder to stop.

For us humans, fear creates psychological inertia in our mind.  Greater the fear, harder the change and more likely to stay status quo.  This may explain the recent ABC News/ Washingtonpost poll on President Trump’s first 100 days.  Where Trump is viewed as better than both the Republican and the Democratic Party.

Thus, to increase success in effecting change, let’s start with…

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