StreetPsych’s Two-Cents on Touch-Emotion Synesthesia

I like to believe that everything is interconnected and related to varying degrees.  To me, this means that senses overlap, ideas can be connected to multiple areas at a time, and touch-emotion synesthesia occurs in individuals that associate things emotionally.  Others and I have talked about our emotion-based memory recall and we all have great memories.  I believe that every cell in our bodies serves as a memory set; we can access such a great amount outside our brains which increases our capacity to recall and emotionally recall things quickly.

There are also hindrances to emotion-based memory recall and touch-emotion synesthesia as outside influences can cause a myriad of emotions that can be uncomfortable or unwanted.  These influences therefore change our emotions and what we think of at times.  It’s in a way being one with your environment; hopefully your environment is a healthy one.

Things like the above and synesthesia are just representations of the capabilities and inter-connectedness of our senses.  I think everyone has different forms of developed or to-be developed synesthesia, they just have been functioning normally and not noticing what is occuring(something that might be vastly different than other groups).

Those lacking in empathy have trouble correlating synesthetic traits, which makes a lot of sense to me.  If you are lacking in one of the above, it still can be developed and useful for deeper connections with those around us that we care for, raising our children, understanding others better, etc.  I hope some of you find this appealing enough to develop your synesthetic traits and pass along the information that you find about yourselves along with the insight that this knowledge brings to you.

I hope to hear more from you all about your opinions on these topics in the comments section.

Synesthesia Test

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