All the lonely people 😥

Have you noticed how, in ‘today’s world ‘, more and more people are struggling to connect with one another in reality?

How so many of us have turned to cyberspace, in order to connect, find friends, be accepted, loved ‘via the Internet ‘ and so on? We seem to have become a lonely, longing Society. A world filled with lonely, mentally ill, exhausted, unhappy and sometimes desperate people. We need Human Contact. We need to feel safe to talk about what we are struggling with, face to face with someone, not only through cyberspace, where the only reason we feel safe to write about our pain, or our joy, is perhaps because no one knows who we are!?

Or could it be, that we’ve become a secular Society, and have retreated into our own private worlds, because it’s easier to sit on the couch, or in bed, and then hit ‘send’ to a world who mostly doesn’t care, but receiving answers to our problems, from well meaning people, who we do not know, is comforting?

What happened to us?

How did we manage to reach out to others before internet was invented, with a hug, a kiss (not an emoticon over cyberspace) , perhaps a handshake, where we actually touched one another?

When feeling down, OR happy, we’d meet a friend somewhere, or they’d come visit, and we’d actually chat. For real, not on a keyboard. We’d laugh out loud together, or cry on a Human shoulder (not using an emoticon to express ourselves).

Has the Internet turned us all into Avatars? Could it be, that due to being able to safely remain anonymous, (thanks to the internet) , we air our thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams and fears, by using a keyboard? This way, we are able to be almost completely honest about ourselves, without fear of rejection.

This ability to tell our online ‘friends ‘ about our troubles, whilst feeling safe to do so, as, honestly, no one can truly say that an online person, is a friend, can they ? Seems to have removed human contact to a large degree, and my feeling is that although the internet is fantastic for so many reasons, it’s also created a Private World of people who really NEED Human contact!

Before cyberspace, most mentally ill people, who were seriously struggling, were avoided, and knowledge of what mental illness really IS, was unknown. We were seen as the Jekyl and Hyde people. The ones with wild unbrushed hair, eyes swivelling in our heads! So on that front, the Internet has been a very useful tool, a minefield of knowledge.

HOWEVER…’s incredibly sad, that, even though we are able to access knowledge at our fingertips, we’ve almost stopped with real Human Contact. I’m not talking about get togethers with friends on a weekend, I’m talking about actually getting a hug, with one or two real life friends, if feeling down, or, to share happy things with. Picking up the phone, and calling your friend to actually meet.

This is not only about people with mental illness, it’s about looking at Society as a whole, and watching the detachment between Humans. Our Ancestors were always together, and a problem shared, was a problem halved. (Not with an emoticon in cyberspace), but with hours of talking, perhaps around a fire, enjoying real human contact and honest love.

The really tragic thing that has come with the internet, is that our kids spend hours inside the house, playing virtual reality games, instead of playing outside, kicking a ball, or getting dirty in the mud. People who spend most of their time at home, spend hours either blogging, or going onto Facebook, playing virtual reality games there, and so many women have arranged ‘dates’ with strangers via the internet, having no clue as to who these people are! So many teenagers have been brutally raped by strangers they met on Facebook, who feinged being ‘in love with them’. And lonely, desperate to be loved, they’ve gone ahead putting themselves in danger. So what happened to parents assuring their kids that they love them to avoid this? Too busy on Facebook?

Has cyberspace replaced that too?

Perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps everything I think and feel is all bullshit. But I’ll never really know, as I’m going to now hit ‘publish’ to a world I don’t know. To people who might like what I’ve written, or not. Either way, what will make me care?

A response. Via cyberspace, by an Avatar. Hey, we might meet in person, sit down to coffee, and when you openly talk to me, or me to you, I’ll hold your hand, and either shed wet tears that you can see, or let you hear me laugh with you from my belly. And visa versa.

As an Avatar, this is how I feel 😪

Thats about all I can express.


3 thoughts on “All the lonely people 😥

    1. This is part of the reason why I’ll be implementing video interviews for those who are willing to. I do really want to portray our team as we are in real life as much as possible. As for myself, I try to convey(through my typing) the most accurate portrayal of who I am and how I speak in real-life. I think we do a good job in translating ourselves through type and that’s what the site supports/does well at.


      1. It’s true, we are able to portray ourselves through print, but I think your idea of videos on people is truly great! Go for it.

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