Time Is An Illusion – But You Are Not!

Erika Kind


Lately, I went up the attic. I checked some furniture and came across items covered with layers of dust. Immediately I had the picture in my mind from the time those items were in use or just bought and now they looked like in a 100-year-sleep. Once favorite toys from the kids, now stored in plastic boxes. It feels peculiar to see them again that way and at the same time remember when they were in use. But they are still the same toys.


It reminded me of our own lives, our growth, our changes, our developments. We are children, teenagers, young adults, more experienced adults, then aging, and one day dying. So many stages and once we find ourselves in a next stage, the ones before feel like a movie we once saw. It is hard to believe that we are already so far away from it. That’s when…

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7 thoughts on “Time Is An Illusion – But You Are Not!

  1. If time is an illusion, why are we held to expectations of being “on time?” What does that mean anyway? Does it mean you’re a responsible adult when your “on time?” Does it mean you’re an irresponsible child when late? How so if it’s “an illusion?”

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    1. Time is a concept that is based on our perception viewed from our lifetime. A minute can be a lifetime for some creatures, and our lives are but an instant of the age of the planet or universe. Being on time means little to me but the timing of everything fitting into place on the grand scheme of everything means a lot more. If we view things on a large enough scale, we can see how perfectly everything falls into place. I hope that answers your questions…

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