Mayday(the reason)

Far too often I sleep too much.  I find myself bored with things and pass up everything for slumber.  Some people find it to be a hindrance; I find it to be necessary.  I hyperfocus on things of interest and coffee only to find myself a sloth the upcoming week.  Its not necessarily good or bad in my opinion, but in the upcoming weeks I won’t be able to perform things in this way.  I’ll have to keep a balanced routine and function like a normal member of society.

This change of routine marks a return to school, a shift in responsibilities, an opening of new opportunities, and the kind of excitement I’m usually not used to.  I’ve been living a lifestyle free of many responsibilities for a long time, so this time is welcomed and refreshing.  For once I welcome this change, I’m prepared to commit myself for the long-haul, I’m not jumping into everything last minute, and my environment supports it.

After sleeping for three days I basically woke up to realizing how close everything is and instead of feeling like going back to sleep I’m looking forward to change.  It was strange enough for me to want to write it down, so there… I shared it.  I don’t know why it seemed so important to do so(its not very exciting to others as it is to me) but it does mark a change in direction for a lot of other things that I’d rather show than talk about.  I hope this is reflected well in the upcoming weeks.


2 thoughts on “Mayday(the reason)

  1. It seems that you’re lifting out of a depression. This is great, but remember, that if you find your new direction starting to distress you, to back off, and love yourself, whatever happens. We can’t control the illness. We try, but often, it fucks with us. It’s cool though, just chill when or if that happens. Nothing really matters. X

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