On Ego


Hi Folks

So your best friend has sent you an email that’s truly nasty, simply because you smiled at her boyfriend. Of course you smiled at him, due to the nature of the conversation and it was innocent. She’s projected her insecurity onto you, and you are mad! (ego bruised)

An elderly gentleman is walking down the street, and accidently bumps a younger man when walking past him, so the younger guy stops, yells and threatens to kill him! The older gentleman is innocent, as it was an accident, but even his apology is ignored. The younger guy is mad! (ego bruised)

I often ask myself ‘what is wrong with the world’? and the answer always, but always is EGO.

It’s pointless always trying to be the bestat everything, because that way, you set yourself up for failure. Sure, you can do your best, but not at the cost…

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