A Pep Talk To Myself


It is so easy to focus on the minuscule results I am experiencing in my life and wonder whether my efforts are worthwhile. I see the success stories of others and wonder when will my turn come.

I am puzzled by the reality that I have paid my dues and have done all of the right things, yet I have not come any closer to tasting the fruits of my labor. I am left pondering on what more could be done. I mean, it has been ten years, fifteen years, and the success needle has barely moved. 

Is there something wrong with my efforts? Am I not putting enough time into meaningful tasks? Am I not deploying the right resources toward my goals?

Is there a curse on my head that is designed to keep me trapped in a cycle of mediocrity? What transgression have I committed? Why does it seem as if the Universe is conspiring against me?  

Pep talk to self…

  • First, don’t judge yourself.
  • Secondly, continue to direct…

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