13 Reasons….


13 Reasons why I’m happy..

1. I have a warm bed which comforts me.

2. I have 3 loving, kind,  wonderful children who understand me. Who don’t judge me coz I’m bipolar.

3. I found myself through the Chaos of mental illness.

4. I have the gift of sight (albeit using glasses to read) 🤓

5. I can hear

6. I can walk.

7. I’m not afraid of dying. I’m not afraid of much really.

8. Having a Mental illness made me a survivor.

9. Growing up poor in a dysfunctional family gave me the gift of wisdom and made me a fighter. (Oh wait, that falls under gratitude doesn’t it? Lol)

10. Ok, I’m grateful. Uh, are happy and grateful not the same? 🤔

11. I was born on the 13th. My lucky number!

12. There are a few people who love me.

13. I get to blog about stuff that some people like!

13 Reasons why I’m not happy 

1. Animals get treated by so many in a vile cruel way.

2. The world is fucked.

3. Every night another few thousand babies die from hunger.

4. I can’t stand celebrities who adopt African babies to look cool. They know nothing about an African child’s traditions, but it’s a token right?

5. I was forced to leave my Country of birth, due to hectic violence, coupled with a government that share one brain cell.

6. I’m mentally ill. Although it has served me, it’s also f…cked with my life.

7. I’ve run out of coffee, and can’t get to the shop today.

8. I’ve lost friends and family due to Bipolar and their ignorance.

9. The UK don’t have African thunderstorms!

10. I miss my Country and the life I loved.

11. As hard as I try, I can’t cook anything fabulous.

12. My 2nd Daughter lives in another Country and I miss her so.

13. I suffer from migraine attacks almost every day.


I think I messed HAPPY and GRATEFUL up! Did I? 😬


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