Some of You Might be Wondering: Who is this StreetPsychiatrist Guy and What’s His Story? Here’s my Two Months Late Introduction…

My name is Mike and I am the founder/Editor-in-Chief for  I am in no way representing myself as a medical professional; I do consider myself more of a mentor/advisor in many cases.  The “StreetPsychiatrist” was a nickname given to me by someone I had advised in life because I didn’t have formal training(just my experiences and the stuff I was self-taught) and I was able to effectively help him and plenty of others.

Formally I have a background in math&science throughout my entire life and I am currently studying chemistry at UNLV(which is my ten year-long degree in progress).  My lag has to do with personal circumstances rather than a lack of ability to comprehend anything.  I’ve luckily always been good at studies if I give any effort to it(I’ve been guilty of laziness throughout my younger years but still got things accomplished.

Now comes the reason why:

When I was 16 I found out what real anxiety and depression was about which turned my life completely around.  Beforehand I was completely extroverted and rather cocky which was really a confusing and difficult time for me.

I had happened to take accutane(I believe its a terrible drug to give to someone going through puberty as it messed up a few friends of mine similarly) and a week into taking it I experienced a panic attack(with anxiety and depression becoming the norm for me from that point on); all when anxiety was nearly non-existent beforehand.  At the time I wasn’t covered under health insurance and nobody really took the situation seriously except for myself.  This marked the time I started abusing alcohol(deepening my depression) to handle the everyday life activities that I no longer functioned normally at.

This all made me rather useless for consistently handling school and I took odd jobs to pass the time meaninglessly while I tried to figure out how to beat depression, anxiety, and addiction on my own(I lived on my own since I was 17 and made plenty of mistakes). Around the age of 24(8 years later) I started getting a handle on my symptoms and started to make the lasting changes I could’ve used all those years back.

I want to make sure people don’t have to learn things the hard way like I did.  Going through that phase in life taught me a lot though(not having the right resources and figuring things out myself).  I had tried medication and they misdiagnosed me and my trust in pharmaceuticals and the health industry had already been compromised.  I still drank and smoked cigarettes(a lot less after I was 24 but could’ve still used a healthier lifestyle) until 2015 when I decided to quit after watching a Bulletproofexec podcast on alcohol.

I decided to start this blog late Jan. 2017(after procrastination past the new year).  Its always been a passion of mine to help others(after the accutane incident) in the many areas I had taught myself to overcome and I view StreetPsych as a way to do this on a grand scale.  I want my talents to be put to use, so if any of you have a burden to bear, please feel free to reach out to me if you need some advice.

Now you know some of the story of TheStreetPsychiatrist…

I’ve left out plenty of parts to my story so feel free to ask me any questions you might have about my background; I’m not shy, I’m quite candid about myself.

Thanks for listening through all of that; I hope that clears some things up for some people who may be reluctant about my whole community concept.

I was lucky to make it back from the other side as many other’s that I know today still struggle with addictions and mental illnesses without proper treatment.  Although these people aren’t ready to seek help, I hope that those who are seeking answers can stumble across our hub because we really do have the power as a community to help others on a grand scale.

I hope to keep this mission growing systematically throughout the world which is what StreetPsychiatry is all about.


If you liked what you just read, our permanent discussion forum will be up later this week(I encourage you all to leave a comment).

And in the meantime, why not join our team of AUTHORS?



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