Everyone Wants To but Not Everybody Practices StreetPsych’s 5 Simple Ways to Make Our World a Better Place

I’d be surprised if I came across a person that didn’t have contributing to the greater good as a focal point to their lives(at least here in the developed world where survival can easily be taken for granted). While this grand calling reaches many, not all go down in the history books; yet, there is plenty of room for growth no matter what the scope.

Small gestures can create or strengthen our sense of friendships and of shared communities(helping us to be a part of something larger than ourselves in making a difference).  There’s really no such thing as a small gesture when you take a look at the potential chain reactions they easily set off.

Here are StreetPsych’s ten simple gestures that can help us all start to at play our part in positive growth around the world(at the least):

  1. Sharing wealth(wisely): Money is of course a man-made concept that used to have backing in Gold and has slowly become a concept that we just accept as true(basically enslaving us to those that print the money((but that’s besides the point…)).  Now I know this comes as a common threat from those without money, but there is value in sharing your wealth.  I know that you work hard for what you have, I know that there are people who’s lives you can change with a simple bus fare or meal, and I know there are varying degrees of the above.  Selfishness just undermines itself by creating animosity, and sharing too much can break you.  Just keep a look out for those who could really use your help; sometimes all that takes is a smile and being in the mindset of sharing.
  2. Spreading Positive Words: Compliment somebody on something they coud obviously care about; of course don’t B.S. people.  All it takes is a little time out of your day to verbally or physically send out your writing to somebody who could use it(we all could use it…)  Spread the good word and don’t dwell on it, keep the good vibes moving.
  3. Sharing thoughts that are most important to you: Let someone in on one of your deepest thoughts that you hold close to you.  Too often we’re kept sheltered within ourselves.  Showing somebody you have faith in them invokes a deeper meaning of trust and friendship.  Now, don’t just grab the random stranger off the street and spill your heart out… gauge the people and circumstances you’ll be sharing your thoughts with/in and take a logical leap out of a usual comfort zone.
  4. Sharing media: Whether it’s burning a cd(kind of old school now), gifting somebody a book you’ve read, or even sharing burned hardware/software; sharing media can be a great way to spread good vibes throughout your group or community.  It’s cheap, easy to do, and it takes little time to accomplish the gesture which can go to the hearts of some.
  5. Teaching somebody: teach your fellow man in a skill or topic they might not even have knowledge about.  We can always use a better mastery of our surroundings and skillsets, personally and as a whole… Have patience and be thorough with/mindful of the person you’re helping – you’re giving them a gift, not compensating for something else…

It’s all about spreading positivity around whenever and wherever you can. Anything that lifts a person’s spirits – something we might hold to ourselves more often than not – has the potential to make your group, community, and even the world a better place…

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