If Life Was A Dream(An Important Introduction to Our Co-Editor Mainstreet)

If life was a dream, you could manipulate and shape it how you wanted. Sometimes dreams are manipulated on our fears and turn into nightmares. In reality, we are distorting and choosing the way they unravel subconsciously. What if you had the power to do that with life?

You do.

Here’s something many people don’t understand about themselves and fall into depression or a funk or into drugs. Why do they do this to themselves? It’s simple, really. We are only held back my ourselves and most of us don’t seem to realize this. Use your mind and will power. Manipulate your reality.

Follow your dreams and make your life unfold the way you want it. It’s only a mind thing if you think about. People doubt themselves and achieve nothing compared to what they can. They’re just lacking drive and motivation. You have to be able to fall at times and jump right back up brush it off and move on like the way we did as children.

How is this possible now? Anything is possible. See it. Feel it. Do it. Experience it. I have high expectations in life which I’m going to achieve. I won’t give up and I’ll never give in.

What do I want to do with my life? For me personally, I’ve always wanted to help people and reach out to the one’s that are such a lost cause that nobody will give the time of day to listen or hear out. I find people like this all the time and help them achieve what they want out of life or do the best I can. Rates at this aren’t 100% guaranteed but nearly 75% realistically. Not so easy at times but no better feeling than making that happen for those lost causes.

I’ve helped 15 to 20 people out is this way with problems such as: drugs, unemployment, feeling suicidal, gang members, family problems, trouble teens, runaways, strays, etc.

15 to 20. I’ve always helped these sort of people out and show them a caring friend, big brother, loyalty, and someone who they can talk to about anything and only get positive feed back.

15 to 20?

Currently at age 25, that’s how many lives I’ve went out of my way and intervened with. Of course I’m not done with this, there’s much more to come. I’ve figured out my purpose here on earth, it’s giving people 2nd chances to live a good life. 12 people’s lives are forever changed by me not giving up, when everyone else did.

My biggest passion is Film which is why I’m a film student. I’m doing my best to make it big and blow Hollywood out the water and shock the world through my idea’s and relativity to big issues with people ranging from teens to about age 30. Many of these issues get swept under the rug and people don’t really get to see the hardship in them, nor the pain or shame one goes through; all of which is where I come in.

Making it big as a film producer, writer, and director is where I see myself around age 30. Once this happens and the money comes in, I’m taking my dream and stretching it out to as many lives as possible. My goal is showing as much difference as one person could have on the world we know and see today. Here’s what I’d like to do: I want to open up programs like big brother but where you pair up college students with middle school and high school students with common interests or majors to befriend as well as guide and lead. My dream is all about making it easier to make dreams happen.

Even if my passion for film doesn’t take me all the way there, I’ll never stop fighting for my dream of helping others and changing as many lives for the better as I can.

Never back down from anything standing in the way of your dream. No matter what fight, no matter how treacherous, no matter the cost, no matter what. I will not bow.

Is Life a Dream? Make it one.



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