Yay! I’ve lost my mind!


It seems that there are literally millions of people suffering from one or other kind of mental illness. Some suffer a few at the same time! Right now, Bipolar is raging rampant, and thanks to disinterested Drs, who are mostly ill informed, and seriously don’t give a shit, a bunch of tabs are prescribed, and one is supposed to just ‘get on with it ‘. Well, ‘screw them’ was my decision, and although I’ll be on meds for the rest of my life, something my brain needs in order to help it to stop misfiring, I CAN do something about my mind. Which really spends its time messing with my head. ‘No pun intended ‘

I decided that I’d do whatever it takes to do something about my mind, with the nightmares it was giving me. I found a guru on YouTube, and started following him with earnest. Now, before you freak out, coz you’ve been conditioned to believe that anything Eastern is evil, check this out. Evil? Methinks NOT! Working? OH YES!

I learnt from this incredible Being, that we are not our minds, we are in fact, Consciousness, and if we are to be somewhat happy, we have to literally DROP the mind. ‘How the hell??’ I hear you say….here goes…

Firstly remember and know with absolute clarity, that your mind is ever changing, and therefore, cannot be trusted. Ever. For e.g. Try and remember what you were thinking this time yesterday? Or,  how about mind constantly bringing on different reactions to everything? No, this bastard has to be tamed. Well you can’t tame your mind, it’ll win every time, so drop it.

Start by doing guided meditations. This will be difficult at first, especially for the mentally ill, but stick with me. I promise you, what I do and practice works! So during a guided meditation, where you don’t just listen to the sounds of the forest, trying to force yourself to ‘think happy thoughts ‘, a guided meditation, actively helps you to go into a silent space of nothing. Slowly, as you continue, and persevere, because your mind doesn’t want to be ignored, you’ll find that when meditating to guided meditations, you will be in a space of ‘NO MIND’….a gorgeous place to be, that you’ll fall in love with. The sheer tranquility and total peace you’ll begin to feel, is life changing. In that space, you don’t think thoughts, you don’t ‘do’ anything, you can just BE. Perfect Peace and stillness without trying to fight your mind, to ‘shut the hell up!’ Start with about 10minute ones, till you get good at ‘dropping ‘ the mind, and find that you easily come to the place of ‘nothingness ‘ no mind, just a feeling of vast space. That space, that ‘nothingness ‘is YOU.

Youll begin to learn how to, during the day, when mind starts filling your head with negativity and sadness, drop your mind, without trying too hard, and Peace will become your perfume.

whenever your mind starts with its ever changing bullshit, you’ll instantly ‘drop all thoughts ‘ with relative ease. Again, and again, the ‘stuff’ that isn’t true, but because we’re mentally ill we believe, and even if not mentally ill, we believe, will stop coming. You see, your mind doesn’t want to be ignored, so it’ll distract your every waking moment. I’m not saying we don’t need the mind, because for practical purposes we do, but that’s where it ends.

Practical purpose only. Which means, that if you are writing, for e.g. Your mind is useful during this process. But if you’re busy with an activity of sorts, mind will take that as an opportunity to tell you crap  that simply isn’t true, and only cause you distress. It’ll tell you that you’re ugly, fat, stupid, a bad parent or person, ad nauseum….and you can know what it’s saying is bullshit, because tomorrow, it’ll tell you otherwise.

our minds are not our friends, and cannot be trusted. When you actually KNOW this, then, even with your mental illness, You’ll gain control back over your life. You’ll start to realise, that you are not ‘living’ life, you ARE life! With this truth tucked firmly in your heart, life, with mental illness, begins to be bearable., and astonishingly, even happy!

We are not our minds. I’m not going to preach anything to you, but strongly advise you to learn how to ‘drop, or, lose’ your mind, if  it’s happiness and Peace you are searching for, and it has nothing to do with religion. You can’t ‘pray’ the ever changing, plaguing thoughts away. Not possible.

you can read thousands of books, on ‘how to be more positive ‘ etc etc….but the fact is, that you cannot, until you totally ‘get’ it, change your way of thinking. The only way out of this trap, is to DROP the mind, every time it starts chattering. Once you’ve got this, most of your angst will cease.

‘A thought without belief has no power, but a thought WITH belief can start a war, or heal a Nation’ ..Moojibaba.

If you need help as to where to start to do great helpful meditations, I suggest a man called ‘Mooji’ on YouTube. Trust me, this will change everything for you.



6 thoughts on “Yay! I’ve lost my mind!

  1. I recently came across Mooji. I cannot agree with this post more. Meditation has been a game changer for me. I connected with loving crystals as a kid, it’s helped me with writing, etc. for me, the biggest problem has simply been that I’m scared of what happened before. I had meditated and felt a complete shift in everything and then the psychosis happened. I think lately I’ve allowed myself to be scared of meditating. I am coming around to it again because it gives me peace. 7cups is great – it has a massive library of mindfulness meditations. That’s what has helped me lately is constant mindfulness.

    Everything you wrote is what I’ve been saying to me. My brain lies. ❤️


    1. Thanks for reading this, and I’m super happy that you’ve found Mooji, and are learning to ignore your mind. I have discovered, more and more, that every time my mind starts with bullshit chatter, causing only distress, As I simply ‘drop’ it, not engage with the thoughts at all, peace washes over me, and all fear and angst goes…thanks for the info on 7cups. Never heard of it, but will check it out! Oh and I can truly tell you, that there is nothing to fear, but fear itself. The past no longer exists, even though your mind will keep rehashing it. That’s why I don’t believe in therapy. A dog can only return to it’s own vomit so many times. It’s over, so I leave it there, in the past! ❤️❤️

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        1. If you’ve realised that therapy is doing more harm than good, which is what I came to understand, and so stopped it, then, in my humble opinion, you are on the road to wellness. Its pointless going over the same stuff that caused the mental Illness, it’s far more constructive to rather just let it go, gently but absolutely. That’s where, in learning to ignore the mind, the healing process begins. 😀

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  2. I think the exact same thing. What good can come of holding onto things you’re ready to move on from?? Anyway, I stopped going to therapy and it was one of the best things I did while I lived in stockton while trying my family’s idea of healthy living. i gave it a fair chance but I never thought it was for me; I guess some people do benefit from the right resources and people to connect through though….


    1. I totally am against therapy. All it does, is rehash the same shit that caused the illness one has to now live with. It’s totally pointless, and in my opinion, damaging. We can’t change the past, and the more we ‘think ‘ we can fix a broken mind, when not managing to do so, we end up piling guilt onto ourselves. I’m so happy you also came to this conclusion. I reckon, the only as well as healthy way to move forward, is to seriously understand and accept that the past no longer exists. Life is what it is. Acceptance is the only way forward. That, and ‘dropping ‘the mind. Tks for your comment and sharing. 😁

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