The Colour of NOW!

Needs to be heard



it had to happen. It’s gone beyond pathetic and ridiculous. Emoticons are P.C. But still racist. If they, the ones that invented them, had not tried so hard to be Politically Correct, they’d have noticed how stupid they really are.

point in fact: the above emoticons range from the colour yellow to a deep black. Now, firstly, no one on the planet is yellow, unless suffering liver failure. So keeping things ‘neutral ‘ yellow works fine for emoticons, as no one could get offended by this colour being chosen for emoticons right? WRONG!

nooo, the smarties decided that the ‘finger and hands ‘ and other body part emoticons had to have a range of colours, because of course we cannot leave people of colour out can we? So for people of colour, you have various shades of brown to choose from, when giving someone the ‘finger’

If you’re from…

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