How to destroy yourself…

We all spend so much time trying to’do the right thing ‘…..and all we end up doing, is messing up, due to the enormous pressure we put on ourselves.

ive just moved….point I’m making is that the removal company totally sent a truck that was too small for my goods, and I of course, ‘tried to do the right thing ‘ and instead of telling them to take a hike, I actually believed that maybe, my goods would fit, so didn’t tell them to stuff off. I felt bad at the thought of turning them away!

so basically, if you want to destroy yourself, creating such a shit storm you’ll wonder if you’ll ever recover, always try to ‘do the right thing ‘……..

no im not happy, yet…

have a lovely day, and always look on the bright side of life. (Joke).



5 thoughts on “How to destroy yourself…

    1. Tks. I’ll never ever try that shit again. Screw it, most ppl don’t give a horses ass! Oh and regarding stuff still at my old address? I’m going to ask the bastards to collect again, and when they’ve off loaded at my new place, they will be nicely, with manners, when they ask for MORE money… Fuck right off! 🖕

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