The StreetPsych Secret Guide to a Swift and Timely Planetary Success, Community Growth/Cohesiveness, and Personal Pride

First off, we need to have a couple precursors to start this grand idea(the idea that StPsy is founded upon):

  1. We must value our own voice and use it to convey what’s meaningful to us with honest thought behind it.
  2. We have to be able to appreciate the words of any community member; for the spectrum of knowledge is vast and to write somebody’s opinion off as lesser is a loss of insight into realms you wouldn’t have the opportunity to advance into without having an eye for meaning from pure experience.

Now that we have that settled, lets see what we can come up with for the cohesiveness of the SteetPsych secret(which I will implicitly show to be available).  Personal success – its measured in many ways.  On a large scale, a scale that fits a larger proportion of the world’s population, success is a sense of being in the right place for the right time. Sometimes, all it takes for us to see this is having the support of others to help and remind us of our value(to a community possibly?).

This 2nd part is the tricky one: inter-community cohesiveness.  I could talk about the wars, tribes, nations, and history but I would rather focus on what works when it comes to solving an issue.  It’s all about common ground,  As there is common ground between any two individuals if you can seek it, there is also unifying common ground across the vast majority of communities(common ground that goes unnoticed more often than not).

The defeatist point of view tends to miss how this works so I say this to positive, progressive thinkers: we have more in common with each other than we’re programmed to believe; we are nearly one body(think energy and think an organism) which is all part of a very intricately detailed and connected network of other living things on our perfectly placed mass in the middle of nowhere in some time-space of the cosmos.

We can either choose to see the glass half-empty or half-full and if you’re a realist you have a half glass but the point is to keep ourselves appreciative enough to see opportunities when they arise(instead of brushing off something that could extremely change certain types of circumstances).

This serves as an outline for planetary success in a time of exponential growth so fitting and in need of a direction toward unification.  If I sat here and listed each unifying condition that connects vastly across multiple communities I would have to be writing it all out for years(which is what I try to accomplish as I make post by post in order to one day fully have the details and reasons explained for all audiences).

Now, this of course isn’t all of the information necessary to get to the end goal.  The rest of the information will come from our collaboration with each other(those important voices of all of ours…) and to share honestly, constructive criticism included(optimizing our methods should always be the priority) . We do this automatically but if we choose to focus on this as a priority we can accomplish so much more as a community.


as we help to reveal the platforms which can revolutionize how we utilize the tools which we already have acccess to but neglect out of habit and ignorance.

If you made it to the end I entirely appreciate your willingness to hear me out on my dream and I extremely hope you’re moved enough to help us create even if it’s just in the form of a simple question.


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