Wrong Number – Call Me (Anytime)

I recently got a new cell phone with a new phone number (I have a history of breaking phones).  The service I have recycles numbers, so I’ve been getting a lot of calls for a girl I’ll call Debbie.  So Debbie has a lot of credit debt and a lot of loans out.  Also, she has a lot of people asking her for drugs…
So I’ve had to tell many people “This isn’t Debbie’s God damn phone! Stop calling me!” All only slightly irritating, but one call was different.  I was at work and I saw my phone ringing.  I didn’t know the number and was busy so I let it go to my voicemail.  I can still hear her voice “Debbie this is your Aunt.  Please call me.  I’ve been trying find you. I know you were doing some things you’re not proud of but I don’t care about any of that. Please call me honey. I just want to know that you’re okay.”
By the time I had finished the message, she was calling back. I talked to her and explained I had no idea who Debbie was but that I had been getting her calls.  I got Debbie’s last name and told her Aunt that I would look for her on Facebook(which I did and I found her). She hadn’t been active in a while but I sent her a message telling her how worried her family was, that they just wanted to hear from her.  She never responded; never checked the message.
I stayed in contact with her Aunt for a while but eventually she stopped calling. I still wonder what happened to Debbie, if her Aunt ever found her. Then I wonder how many people might be looking for me.  I have a tendency to disappear without warning. I wonder how many people are calling my old numbers only to be told “This isn’t her god damn phone! Stop calling me!”
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