When to keep your mouth Shut!



As I sit here, frozen, knowing I have so many things to do, but am unable to do any of them, as today, I’m simply not doing well.

However, IF I write anywhere, as a call out to anyone, as to what I’m feeling, I know the Police will be called and I’ll be locked up (for my own protection of course)…until I can convince them that I’m once again ‘happy’!

I know that I can fake this, as I’ve done so many times before, but today? I don’t think I can… I’m terrified of taking the chance of reaching out.

So I’ll just keep quiet, bow my head, and slobber on. It’s safer to be quiet and suffer alone when in NEED of just a loving word…



26 thoughts on “When to keep your mouth Shut!

  1. StPsys always around if you want to speak with someone(this is part of what we’re about). Shoot me an email anytime at streetpsychiatry.com if you’d like… I can talk about anything. Or add me on facebook.com/thestreetpsychiatrist and we can directly msg…
    I know quite a bit about what you describe.


  2. Thank you!! I’ll add you on FB..are you a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist, or just a REAL Philanthropist?
    I look forward to chatting to you. x x

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      1. Tks. Your moving screen isn’t doing your page any favours. I’m not being mean, but struggling to read with the noise in the background. Just my opinion. Ignore if you like. 🤔

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  3. Never keep quiet. Ever.

    I know what you’re saying … re the safer thing; but its not safer for ‘US’ in the long run.

    Loving Words – You got this 😉


    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement. I know it’s definitely better to reach out, to talk about whatever is causing the break you’re experiencing, but sadly, the World is fucked, and if anyone dares mention the word ‘Depressed, not coping, struggling etc etc’, it’s been my experience that the Police are instantly called, citing you as a ‘possible suicide risk’…WTF?

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      1. I understand 🙂 But we have other ways of expressing ourselves dont we 😉 Women are amazing – this is when we get creative … why the hell do you think I blog? 😉


        1. Exactly! We ARE amazing, creative, intelligent…(stop me LOL)…and yes, I have been blogging for a while, but never every day. Seems I’m not taking it up daily, to help deal with the horror in my head 🙂

          Thanks again, you’re so cool!!xx

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    1. Thanksjohnnyboy46. So sad that the world is so screwed up, so much ‘conspiracy’ rubbish rushing around, that one is actually AFRAID to reach out to anyone when in desperate need, mostly due to mental conditions, but in other ways too. i.e. if you’re struggling financially. Seriously? We don’t reach out, too afraid of the consequences. It shouldn’t be like this!!

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        1. Thanks johnnyboy46. Sadly, it’s true. So many people who are really suffering, call out in the hope of help, and then get committed!! They don’t do this in Africa, EVER! In fact, in the African Cultures, if someone has mental illness, they are lovingly taken care of by the entire tribe, and revered as possible healers. The way the West deals with any problems is quite horrific.

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    1. LOL filthydee123…actually, you are so right!! I’m in the middle of a book now, and I do believe I’ll use ‘slobber on’, as it’s Title! OMG, how clever are YOU? brilliant, thanks!

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        1. I am, seriously! About abuse, mental illness, and all those gory shit bits inbetween. In a kind of humorous way:) So slobber on, is a GREAT title!! 🙂

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