Toxic Family Members

So I have this Aunt who is always posting mildly racist things on her Facebook, nothing flat out racist but enough that I didn’t want to see it. So I blocked her and told my mom (her sister). My mom was cool with it (she knows how I get about race issues).

So this bitch (I use that term because I honestly mean it), so this bitch cries to my mom, posts this sanctimonious post about how she’s never been accused of such a thing, and agrees with the people responding that I’m obviously not very smart (one person wrote “I’m dating a black man and you’ve never said anything racist to me”) Now she posted on my wall “I’m so glad we’re friends again! I’m coming to visit soon!” Like I give a fuck.

Like that wasn’t meant to call me out to everyone who felt sorry for her (another person said “well everyone is kind of racist”) Then, she has the audacity to message me directly to tell me when she’d be here. I DON’T CARE! You bullied you’re way back into my life and expect me to want to see you?  Seriously? Fuck all the way off. Just because you are related to me I am not obligated to put up with your shit.

I even started to feel guilty. I thought “Maybe I’m being too mean, maybe I should use this as an opportunity to educate her. Maybe I’ll be the bigger person!” But my visceral instinct is to throat punch her and be done with it. So for days I’ve been having this internal struggle of what I should do. It’s all really weighing on my mind… and it isn’t fair.

She made me uncomfortable so I removed her from my life and she feels like it’s okay to just plop back in it. I went from thinking “Okay I don’t want to see your post” to “Fuck off you fucking whiny cunt of a lady”.  My point is (I knew I’d get to it eventually) don’t ever feel like you have to compromise your beliefs or moral for someone just because they are related to you.

Sorry I swore so much… I’m very mad.


Join in on our never-ending conversation as an AUTHOR.  We could use your insight!!


7 thoughts on “Toxic Family Members

  1. STRONG advice from someone who own the T shirt on this one….Do not allow the bitch anywhere near you, ever! block her on FB, block her on your phone, and be done with her. WHY? Well, toxic ppl, no matter WHERE they hail from, have the uncanny knack, to completely destroy us. With their behaviour, which also includes narcissism, they’ll beat you down, until you actually believe you’re a worthless piece of shit, and you should’ve been ‘kinder’, ‘nicer’, ‘more understanding’….because of course THEY are the VICTIM right? I wouldn’t even bother to communicate with her at all, just block her to that she’s unable to reach her.

    If she arrives at your house, don’t open the door. Soon, she’ll get the message that she’s not welcome and you’ll be free of a VERY dangerous person, who has the ability to destroy you. x


  2. I”m actually agreeing wholeheartedly with what TradeRoutz had to say. This kind of a person isn’t going to be educated or fixed until they decide they want to be, and it would be a long, difficult road for them. Best to stay out of the muck now that she’s proven her true colors. Blood related doesn’t mean true family. I know, I have some relatives I never speak to for the same reason.


    1. Thanks! I too have many toxic family members, whom I haven’t seen or heard of, or even know where they live, for years! So liberating!

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