We’ll show you when its fun to bleed…

We keep you raging, release and see.

Once we flow you’ll only take heed

to the little time you’ll feel free.


Know me true; we turn it all around

especially when you’re down on the ground…

Have you seen the King of the Gutter yet??

He claimed his throne this past round.


We start out as lovers of course; innocent, new…

maybe a first sip; you hadn’t the clue.

Nobody could’ve shown you what its like to know

about true glory’s fall below


We’re you now; one in the same.

When we’re around you’re not insane.

Not an animal tamed by its own brain…

Since you set us free you know who wins…

because we are: ENDORPHINS.

bethphilkiss neg

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10 thoughts on “Poetry – ENDORPHIN

  1. Luckily I’m not a slave to my endorphins anymore, but I know a lot of people who still are. Of course, you can produce your own healthily and steadily and then they wouldn’t be so sad for the situation…


    1. How do you produce your own, when your body is out of them? Well obviously not totally out of them, but when they are at a serious low?


  2. Exercise and pain/fatigue… I believe it has something to do with pain using the kappa opioid receptors which has an effect of re-balancing out the entire system with production leveling back out. Exercise is usually the go-to, even though it might be hard as hell at first and you can supplement with things that help re-balance out the system(chamomile for one, leveling out other neurotransmitters in order to keep balance between the systems, and kratom could be used for tapering down off of opiates for a more tolerable transition).

    The building blocks for producing them can be found in a variety of foods and proteins i believe.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to write this. I’ll most certainly check it all out, and I do yoga, (when I’m not frozen), and that seems to help, along with meditation every single day! I actually totes love meditating. Totally in love with it. x


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