On Moving On…..

A few pointers for when you’re moving house. 🙂


Vintage Painting (35)

You’ve found a gorgeous house, that is the perfect size for you. The sun beams through the living room windows which is a great plus, and there are enough bedrooms and bathrooms for your guests.

The kitchen is small, but quaint. It has a rather ‘cottagy’ feel to it in your opinion,which you love. There is no refrigerator in the kitchen, (no probs, landlord said he’d put one in).

You’re so taken with the house! It even has a fishpond outside (which, at the moment, is just green algae covering smelly overflowing water) – but you can picture your beautiful Koi swimming in the cool clear water,once it’s cleared up.  So you’re not deterred. In fact, you decide ‘it’ll be a delightful project to take on!’…(besides, landlord has promised to clean the pond out before you move in, wonderful!)

You notice that the paint is peeling off of the…

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