Brief Linux Distro Review

So, as some of you might recall, I recently almost turned my laptops into scrap by installing what was supposed to be an upgrade to my operating systems.  I got a little excited about the tools on the “Parrot OS” and I installed it on the computer that didn’t need the upgrade first; my main mistake… I could’ve easily avoided hours of updating if I had tested the system on

the laptop that was missing an OS(a friend gave it to me for free :/).  So, even though the “Parrot OS” comes with cool tools and is such a security centered system I have to warn those of you looking to install the ISO that you can easily run into a grub error that keeps my one hard drive from being able to do anything but show the problem.  Its all more complicated

than this but I said I would keep it short so that’s it for right now.  I’ll be following up with 2 more distros that I found worthwhile and a revival aspect of the “Parrot” that can be safe for users to mess around with.  The whole ordeal was too drawn out and an unnecessary hassle…